Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ellard Thomas is Moving Forward Courageously

Ellard Thomas MBA is an author, a coach, a leader, an inspirer, and a true gentleman. Mr. Thomas is the author of Moving Forward Courageously: Seven Secrets to Restoring Love, Money and Happiness in Your Life.” He is the founder and mentor of Men of Greatness and Moving Forward, Courageously.
IamMFC.com (I am Moving Forward, Courageously) is a resource site created by empowerment speakers and trainers who believe in giving people the necessary tools, training, and inspiration that will help them take control of their lives and to achieve what matters most in life.

Regardless of IamMFC.com’s audiences' socioeconomic statuses, educational levels, political stances, religious views, backgrounds, and past or current circumstances, they believe in building up people—their courage—their hope, so they will transcend into their ideal definition of greatness, success and contentment. 

Please click here to listen to Ellard’s interview with That Literary Lady and The Author’s Hideaway. You can also find his interview on iTunes.


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