Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Brandon Sweeney

About the Author

Brandon Sweeney is the Founder of Purpose Beyond the Game™, an organization geared towards helping athletes to discover their God-given purpose and identity.  Purpose Beyond the Game™ was created to offer young athletes viable tools to emphasize the importance of developing a plan B in an effort to prepare them for life after sports. Brandon Sweeney’s mission is to help great athletes become better men.  Sweeney plans to accomplish his mission by speaking, mentoring, consulting, writing books, creating materials, and resources.

About the Book

The purpose of this book is to bring understanding to players, coaches, and parents about the significance of preparing athletes for life after sports. In this book discover 8 stages that every athlete goes through in their relationship with sports. Learn the truth about what goes on in an athlete’s heart that nobody talks about. You will discover that there is more to an athlete than just sports. Athletes will also learn how to use the game without letting the game use them. This book will motivate, inspire and challenge athletes to discover who they are and their purpose beyond the game.

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