Tuesday, March 26, 2013

REVIEW: The End of Worry by Van Der Hart & Waller

Date:                          2/22/14
Title:                           The End of Worry: Why We Worry and How to Stop  
Author:                        Will Van Der Hart and Rob Waller
ISBN 13:                       978-1451682809
Pages:                         240
Publisher:                    Howard Books
Cover:                         Paperback
Rating:                         4 Stars

We hear it all the time—we hear it from our spiritual leaders, we hear it from our doctors
and we hear it from our families, “Worrying is going to be the death of you.”

In The End of Worry: Why We Worry and How to Stop by Will Van Der Hart and Rob Waller dissect a)Why we worry, b)Understanding why we worry, and c) What happens when we worry. Humans tend to worry about things they cannot control. Some understand, while others don’t understand that worry can lead to unnecessary anxiety and real health problems.

The End of Worry is an interactive book that challenges its reader with exercises that helps to get to the root of worry and gives effective steps and tips on how to redirect stress into problem solving. The process can actually be quite therapeutic.

In addition the book ties into spiritual solutions to worry and gives biblical scripture as a point of reference. I love the prayers at the back of the book. Many do not know how to pray and this book helps in that area.

This book can be used by a single user or as the authors have indicated at the conclusion of the book, this book can be shared with other family members and even book clubs. This is definitely not one of those books you’ll read and just put on your bookshelf, this book will get plenty of use, end up with lots of writing and bent page corners.

Literary Wonders!/The Author’s Hideaway Disclaimer:
I received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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