Friday, March 29, 2013

REVIEW: Get You Good by Rhonda Bowen

Date:                          3/25/13
Title:                           Get You Good
Author:                        Rhonda Bowen
ISBN 13:                       978-0758281364
Pages:                         327
Publisher:                    Dafina/Kensington
Cover:                         Paperback
Rating:                         4 Stars

Sydney Isaacs has poured all that she has into Decadent, the family business. The only problem
is that Sydney’s step-father specified in his will that her half-brother Dean obtain ownership of the high class eatery once he turned twenty-one. Upon turning twenty-one Dean has managed to forfeit a degree, gain a wife and has a baby on the way. In addition, he wants to follow his dreams of being a music producer and that takes money—money he doesn’t have unless he sells Decadent. Sydney is in fear of losing her dream to a brother who has never had an interest in the eatery and his greedy new wife Sheree.

In addition to dealing with her family drama, a very handsome blast from her past shows up. Hayden is a former NBA player who has always had his heart set on Sydney. He will do anything it takes to win her over. After fighting hard not to fall for Hayden, Sydney gives in. Things seem to be going well until Sheree shows her true colors and Sydney finds that Hayden and Sheree are closer than she could ever imagine.

It’s often said that love and money can make anyone stoop to the lowest levels and that even goes for squeaky clean Sydney. She vows to take Sheree down, and in doing so it could cost her Decadent and the man she loves.

Get You Good, is a twist of family drama, girl fights, tall dark and handsome and whole lot of Decadent Red Velvet Cake. Rhonda Bowen did good with Get You Good.

Literary Wonders!/The Author’s Hideaway Disclaimer:
I received a free copy of this book for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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