Wednesday, April 24, 2013

REVIEW: Change Beyond the Pain by Monifa Robinson Groover

Date:                4/16/13
Title:                Change Beyond the Pain  
Author:            Monifa Robinson Groover    
ISBN 13:           N/A
Pages:             147
Publisher:        Vision Publishing House LLC
Cover:             Electronic ARC
Rating:            4 Stars

             Change Beyond the Pain by Monifa Robinson Groover is another one of those
non-fiction, Christian titles that gives encouragement to those who are seeking purpose and change. In a world full of lip service, this title really challenges the reader to consider if they are really looking to transform their lives regardless of any obstacles that they may, and they will, face.
            Change Beyond the Pain is an interactive tool that challenges its readers with open ended questions regarding their decisions and reasoning for change and transformation.
            I once heard someone quote that readers of the bible tend to pretend they don’t understand the meaning of the scriptures, and they use that as an excuse not to follow the scriptures. Ms. Robinson-Groover breaks down scriptures pertaining to this book so that a person who cannot or will not interpret the bible as it was intended—even a child can understand this break down.
            And, although the book is more instructional than “preachy”, I wish the author would have included a small workbook and space to write notes at the end of the chapter.  

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