Monday, April 15, 2013

REVIEW: A Woman's Heart for God by Sheila Cragg

Date:                          4/7/13
Title:                          A Woman’s Heart for God
Author:                      Sheila Cragg
ISBN 13:                     978-1617951596
Pages:                        240
Publisher:                  Worthy Publishing      
Cover:                       Paperback
Rating:                      4 Stars

Sheila Cragg uses God’s word throughout her devotional book, A WOMAN’S HEART FOR GOD, to inspire us to lean on what has already been written to guide us through life’s adventures, trials and
tribulations.  She prepares us for the journey that will include struggles, disappointments, joys and triumphs, and instills in us that prayer along with scripture can definitely carry us through anything.

A WOMAN’S HEART FOR GOD is the combination of a novel, instructional guide and a devotional and invokes thinking and a desire to seek God in all things.  It teaches us that our lives are a journey and that we constantly have to seek God’s wisdom. The author helps us to understand that we should not question what we face, but find God’s blessing in every incident.  For example, she uses John 12:24-25 to demonstrate how this life on earth will die, but if we are living ‘the God disciplined life” we will have our eternal rewards. This book will definitely inspire contemplation with true life examples of situations, prayers to say during these times, and questions that are asked at the end of each chapter.    

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