Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Change Beyond the Pain with Monifa Robinson Groover

About The Book
The purpose of this book is to teach you how to transform your life.  While this book is no substitute for the Word of God (The Bible), let this be a guide that simply helps you gain a deeper understanding of what God is trying to impart in all of us. 
Change Beyond The Pain will help you discover:
•    True healing comes from allowing God to transform your life 
•    You do not have to revert back to the same cycle of hurt, anger, fear and depression
•    God has a plan for your life
•    There is power and purpose in your pain
This book will teach you how to move beyond accepting change to embracing transformation.  So, if you are seeking restoration, grab your Bible, this book, and open your heart and watch the transformation begin.

About The Author
Monifa Robinson Groover, a native of New York City, moved to Teaneck, New Jersey with her family at the tender age of twelve.  Upon graduation from Teaneck High School, Monifa obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, GA), as well as a Master of Social Work Degree from Smith College School of Social Work (Northampton, MA).  After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, and extensive work in the field of social services, she obtained a Master of Public Administration Degree with a concentration in Management from Troy State University (Atlanta, GA).

Monifa has devoted her life to helping others see the potential that lies within them.  Having provided a number of services for diverse populations including but not limited to perpetrators of sexual crimes, individuals faced with substance abuse challenges and individuals in the criminal justice system; as well as having coached women entrepreneurs, her experience has taught her that neither position nor status dictate the level of pain and misfortune one may encounter.  It was at this time she realized the call on her life was much greater.

In 2003 she released her first book entitled “Within Your Reach, Inspiration That Quiets the Mind and Soothes the Soul”. (ISBN: 1-930231-03-2). This book is filled with devotions that shows people how to strategically turn their pain into gain, tragedy into triumph and victimization into victorious living.  She released her second book entitled “Change Beyond The Pain” in 2012 (ISBN: 978-0-9836776-0-4).  This book provides a more in-depth look at how individuals can use the Word of God to transform their lives.  It also shows them how to begin moving beyond the blows that life may sometimes deal. 

Monifa has been called by God to help others reach their God-given potential.  Her duty is to equip others with the proper tools and resources to move beyond their circumstances and live healthier and more productive lives, which she believes can only be found when one has a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Her personal journey, combined with her education and work experience, and most importantly her relationship with Jesus Christ, collectively play a vital role in the work she passionately does today.  She resides in Savannah, Georgia and is a faithful member of New Covenant Holiness Church #3, located in Savannah, Georgia, where her beloved husband, Jamie Groover is pastor.

Change Beyond The Pain is about learning how to transi­tion away from a life of misery into a life filled with joy and peace. It is about allowing your character to be altered so that you no longer do the things that keep you in bondage.
Throughout the course of life, we will experience change whether it is positive, negative or indifferent. Most likely, we will also experience some sort of pain – whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. If you haven’t experienced this yet, as the old folks would say, just keep living! There is nothing we can do to keep change and pain from being active participants in our lives. These two things are inevitable. They are unavoidable and are bound to happen. However, trans­formation is about making a conscious decision to modify our lives from the inside out.

Question: So if change and pain are unavoidable how can this guide help me?
Answer: Remember, this guide is entitled Change Beyond The Pain. The key word that links Change and Pain together is Beyond. Beyond signifies transition to a new level – it signifies movement away from. That, my dear, is the meaning of trans­formation. This book is designed to help you deal more effectively with change and pain. It will give you further clar­ity and understanding on how to make a smooth transition to the next level. It gives guidance on how to move away from your current situation. Not only that, but you will also learn how to stay away from the people, places and things that fight so hard to keep you down.

Remember, Transformation is an inside job, and once complete, there is no need to go back and redo anything – whereas change is constant and never ending.