Monday, April 15, 2013

REVIEW: Iscariot by Tosca Lee

Date:                          3/31/13
Title:                           Iscariot
Author:                       Tosca Lee
ISBN 13:                      978-1451683981
Pages:                         352
Publisher:                    Howard Books
Cover:                         Paperback
Rating:                        5 Stars

Tosca Lee is an excellent story teller. Her novel, ISCARIOT, A NOVEL OF JUDAS, combines biblical
information and a background story that truly makes one contemplate the depth of the resurrection and those involved.

Ms. Lee introduces us to the character of Judas as a child who questions the role of religion at an early age. This character, Judas, is consistently searching for truth in religion and what others portray on their religious pursuits. He is seen as very sensitive early on and at times, his sensitivity overwhelms him to the point of becoming physically ill. As Christians, we are taught the story of the resurrection and we rejoice at the meaning, and Judas is merely seen as the catalyst that God used to save us. Ms. Lee has given Judas a descriptive character that stirs emotions and deep thoughts in us.  

ISCARIOT, A NOVEL OF JUDAS, by Tosca Lee is well written, thought provoking and has us wondering throughout the novel, what emotion Judas will exhibit next and how will it be connected to the bible story that we know. 

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