Wednesday, May 1, 2013

REVIEW: The Art of Falling in Love by Joe Beam

Date:               4/30/13
Title:                The Art of Falling in Love: 4 Steps to Falling in Love, Staying in Love and Renewing Lost Love
Author:            Joe Beam
ISBN 13:           978-1451672657
Pages:              226
Publisher:        Howard Books
Cover:              Paperback
Rating:             5 Stars

The year is 2013 and spiritual warfare is all around us, including in our marriages. As a woman
who is on her second and final marriage, I welcome any tool that will help uplift my marriage. In The Art of Falling in Love, Joe Beam touches on many of the issues that married couples face in a world of “easy come, easy go” and “freeness”.

Many fall in lust and not in love and therefore find it difficult to commit to a marriage when the going gets tough. Marriage is a contract, a commitment and an oath and it takes work to keep one that will last a lifetime.

Mr. Beam touches on issues like the true meaning of love, commitment and intimacy. He illustrates the Love Path as follows: Attraction > Acceptance > Attachment > and Aspiration, and on to respect, fulfillment, spirituality and passion. Although I don’t totally agree that the Love Path goes in that exact order, I get what the author was trying to display.

Joe Beam goes on to talk about compromise, something that couples tend to forget. Once you enter a marriage, you become one. There is no longer and “I”, it has become a “we” and is not longer about one person.

The icing on the cake in The Art of Falling in Love is the discussion portion at the back of the book that addresses some very though provoking questions. If you are one of those people who like books on self-improvement, this is a must for your library.

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