Monday, September 6, 2010

A Tribute to The RAWSISTAZ Literary Group

Literary Wonders!, Literary Wonders Kids!, LW Media Group and Bryant Consulting would like to wish Tee C. Royal and RAWSISTAZ Literary Group a very Happy 10th Anniversary.

My memory fails me a bit, but I believe it was 2005 when I joined RAWSISTAZ. I cannot tell you how I found out about RAWSISTAZ except to say that I came across them during research for my first novel. Since that day, I have found RAWSISTAZ to be exceptionally resourceful and valuable to my career as an author and a writer. I have always be a mediocre reader, meaning I may read 1-3 books a month. Now I can say, I am trying to stay up with the challenges that this literary group has awarded me. Now, I find myself reading more and reading genres and items of interest that I would have never considered before. 

Being a part of this awesome group of reader and writers has given me a chance to meet many other writers—first time and well known. I have had access to many readers with varied viewpoints who have been supportive of my career. I have shared many years of my life trials and milestones and I’ve made so many great friends, and have grown sisterhood and brotherhood bonds that are still strong to  this very day.

Need I remind some of you that it was during the 2007 RAW AFFAIR that not only did I leave with tons of books, valuable information, and good times, I left with a husband. I thought I’d just throw that in there. Where else can you go, meet exceptional authors, talk about great books, fellowship, have fun, accumulate black mail photos, accumulate great books and a great husband?

RAWSISTAZ’s founder Tee C. Royal, well, there aren’t enough words to express her support of literature as it pertains to African-Americans and African-American communities. Mrs. Royal has done a fantastic job in keeping this legacy intact with her undying commitment to authors and readers and promotion. Many of us know that had it not been for Tee and RAWSISTAZ, your reading would be non-existent, your dreams and motivation to write would have diminished, and your passion for the literary industry would be lacking.

There have been many times that I have called on Tee for help and she has always been there. She has always been eager to help in spite of her busy and meticulous schedule. Even during the times I would not dream of bothering her with my petty little problems, she knows me well enough to “tell” me she is going to help me whether I like it or not. I cannot put a price tag on her friendship. In addition to RAWSISTAZ, she created RAW Reviewers, GIS (Getting in Shape RAWSISTAZ) which is now Lit Fit and TLL (Techy Lit Ladies). She has helped many with her Literary Agency (Royal Literary Management) and the list goes on and on and on! I tease her, but I am convinced that she has at least a dozen Superwoman capes and even more pairs of Wonder Woman boots in her closet. In addition to all that she does, she still manages to be a devoted wife and an awesome soccer mom to her two beautiful children.

To RAWSISTAZ and Tee C. Royal, I say thank you. I will always be grateful for your commitment, passion, hard work and endurance to prove to the “other” folk that African-Americans do read, like to read and are literary intelligent and educated. To the Royals, I thank you for sharing her with us.

My dear RAWSISTAZ and Tee C. Royal, the ultimate RAWSISTAZ, my prayer for you during this 10th year anniversary is that all those seeds that you have so diligently sowed are reaped with sweet nectar and reward. You deserved to be recognized as you are the premier leader in this industry and all others should strive to be only half of what your have become and represent. Here’s to another ten great memorable years. It is my prayer that I will see you all in October to take part and be a part of RAWSISTAZ history as we show our appreciation and make this a RAW AFFAIR and a RAWSISTAZ anniversary that will never be forgotten!

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  1. Thanks once again, Yolanda! We appreciate you and all you do for the literary world too.