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REVIEW: Financial Revival: A Lifestyle of Freedom by Kristen Eckstien

Date:             September 6, 2010       

Title:              Financial Revival – A Lifestyle of Freedom    
Author:          Kristen Eckstein           
ISBN 10:       
ISBN 13:        978-0-9767913-6-2      
Pages:           177 
Publisher:       Discover Books            
Cover:           Paperback             
Reviewer:       Greg Bryant (gregbryant@literarywonders.com)
Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Rating:             4.5 Stars

Financial Revival A Lifestyle of Freedom
We sometimes forget how our finances and spirituality are related. Well, author Kristen Eckstein puts them together in her book, Financial Revival, A Lifestyle of Freedom.

The author relays to us the true meaning of prosperity by using scriptures from the bible. She gives the meaning of tithing and offering, and how the two are different. She states how a relationship with God is important to your finances.

Kristen explains that having faith and trust in God will help you weather any financial storm. She gives examples of how trusting in God helped she and her husband get through some difficult times. I believe readers will be able to relate to this book.

Throughout the chapters of Financial Revival, Mrs. Eckstein gives revival tips, which are helpful as she sums up each chapter.
This book was a very good read and it truly get you to think about your spirituality.  I have given this book a 4 1/2 star rating. I recommend this strongly if you want to understand you finances from a spiritual perspective and not just a worldly view. 

Gregory "the poet" Bryant -reviewer
Literary Wonders!

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