Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet Author Michelle Larks

Author Michelle Larks has been writing professionally since 2003. She has self-published two books and received a contract for an ebook through Ocean's Mist Press. The author received a two book contract from Urban Book in 2006 and has been writing for the publishing house since then.

The author has written; A Myriad of Emotions (2003) Crisis Mode (2004) re-released in 2005. Mirrored Images (2006) Who's Your Daddy (2006) Contributed to Blended Families and The Midnight Clear in 2006. Keeping Misery Company (2007), The Legacies (2008) Til Debt Do Us Part (2009), Faith (2010) Couples Therapy (2011) Letting Misery Go (2011), the sequel to Keeping Misery Company (2011).

You can find Mrs. Larks work on Amazon. com, and most bookstores.

Michelle Larks is a married mother of two adult daughters and currently resides in the Midwest I She loves reading and writing.

Read excerpts and find out more about Michelle’s novels by visiting her website


  1. Thanks for the intro to Michelle. I've read some of her books and can't wait for the sequel to Keeping Misery Company.

  2. I agree Wana. Thank you for stopping by!