Monday, September 13, 2010

Author and business owner Q.B. Wells

Q.B. Wells is the author of Blackface: A novel and the publisher of Art Official Media LLC which was created by the author with a mission to publish artful media. Mr. Wells currently lives in Baltimore where he is working on his next work.

Mr. Wells writes short stories, essays and creative nonfiction. “If I committed to a genre it would be street fiction because my books are urban,” says the author.

Blackface: A novel is the coming of age story of four Chicago teens. They struggle with identity, the police, gangs, drugs and the external factors that cause strife in a young life.

Each of the teens has their own individual conflicts but all share the need for immediate monetary rewards through a robbery. They band together and do what they do. They suffer, but the suffering is perceived as fun and games.
When you read Blackface: A novel, you will get a good sense of the violence and mentality of Chicago teens that is present currently in the news media.
Q.B.’s books include Blackface: A novel, Doughboy due out Winter 2010 and Blackface 2: One Hundred Miles and Running due out Summer 2011.

When asked what made him want to become an author, Q.B. Wells says, “I had no choice. Eventually the stories and experiences were so much that I couldn’t sit still without addressing the situations through writing. Not because I had to figure things out. I needed to observe authentic aspects of the culture to provide my own truths. Nothing on the streets was like people told me."

Mr. Wells enjoys discussing and connecting with readers. To him, there is nothing like communicating with readers who have read his stories even when they are critical, the ideas discussed and the people who embody the work are real and remind him that those silent moments writing matter.

When asked if he reads and if he thinks it is essential for a writer to read, Q.B. responded, “I read daily. I read articles, books, magazines and review some books that I’ve read. I think it is essential for an author to read something. Without reading a variety of works and styles shows a lack of detail to the craft.”

The biggest lesson that this writer has learned since becoming and author is to concentrate on creating quality products that he can commit to for a lifetime, pay attention to the details and be prepared to do what others won’t. Mr. Wells also added that slow pay or no pay is one of the things that he dislikes about the literary industry.

This author believes in Independent publishing. He admits to never having submitted to a publisher or an agent. He doesn’t mean to be braggadocios but it never crossed his mind. He always had the goal of building his own company. Mr. Wells enrolled in a graduate writing program and went to work achieving his goals. His heart wouldn’t let him wait for approval from publishers to be declared an author. He started out in the street and somewhat outside the industry. Q.B. ran into a bit of luck when a distributor found him and now he’s on to moving books through the street and stores. He now looks forward to learning the traditional publishing routes but stays open to writing for a larger publisher.

When asked how he gives back to the literary community Mr. Wells states, “I publish UrbaniaMag, a magazine for urban literature and rt. I review books, interview authors and write informative articles to help writers not go in the wrong direction. I’m an advocate for literature.” Q.B. urges authors to think long-term and not to be a crab.

Q.B. was asked about his ideal writing atmosphere, he responded, “My ideal atmosphere is on the balcony of a hotel room located along the boardwalk of Virginia Beach. Ten or eleven floors up around three o’clock in the morning with the ocean’s breeze and my laptop. Otherwise, I settle for any four walls that are clean and quiet.”

Mr. Wells suggests Malloy Printing as a premier literary service. Visit their website for more information. He also suggests Everyone’s Place located at 1356 West North Avenue in Baltimore Maryland. (410)728-0877. It is an African Cultural Center that supports knowledge of self from pre-K to PhD and beyond. They sell books, CDs, lectures, health food products, clothing, jewelry, art, fragrances and much more.

“I love the new direction of publishing There’s room for growth and expansion to new audiences. Readers get to receive content in whatever way is useful to them. As a publisher, I’m still navigating the best way to deliver the product and maintain profit. As an author, the goal is still to create valuable content readers.”

Q.B.’ inspirational quote is—Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated, author unknown.

You can find Mr. Wells works at most bookstores. If your local bookstore does not carry it, ask them to order it. E-books are available where e-books are sold. If you’d like an autographed copy of one of the author’s books, please visit his website.

You can also contact Q.B. Wells at Art Official Media, UrbaniaMag, Twitter and Facebook.

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