Thursday, September 9, 2010

Requiem Eclipse, a poem by Rick Bonner

Requiem eclipse enshroudes fertile mountains,
above a valley where lonely hearts reside.
It's a temporary solution, for unsatiated absolution,
for broken souls that have fallen on false pride.

I close my eyes, reliving those sensuous moments,
categorizing every breath and expression.
Honey laden kisses, like daydreams and wishes,
that turned my fantasies to obsession.

Oh when I recall our first encounter,
I blushed as my eyes fell to the ground.
Instantly I felt slayed, when you smiled my way
and we talked as this coiled spring unwound.

Requiem eclipse obliterates the sunlight,
now even ancient, dark shadows fall insecure.
It is no magic remedy, when you feel drained of energy,
it's a short term fix, without a cure.

Daily I mull over your soft scented skin,
when my lips ran slowly down your thighs.
Your hand upon my neck, began a sensual trek,
that made you quiver with uncontrolled suprise.

But oh when I recall our first special date,
by a bridge near a shimmering river.
As we started to breathe, I began to believe,
that our romance would last forever.

Requiem eclipse like a flannel of desperation,
as eternity shakes hands with hell.
Methodone for the madness, a respite for deep sadness,
as the weary, crawl into their shell.

I miss you applying your ruby lipstick
and  taut laughter as I danced into bed.
But when you talked in your sleep, his name made me weep
filling me with a cold stab of dread.

My timing was wrong as you had not yet gotten over,
the fool who had treated you like a harlot.
It never crossed my mind, you still thought of him all the time,
until I caught at the out of town car lot.

Requiem eclipse, like a canopy for grief,
made from tears that the vanquished conveyed,
It's a transient confinement, for a poor hearts consignments,
while the wretched hide from the day.

I believed that for ever meant always,
not just a walk through the park across fallen leaves.
You had me so enraptured, my sentient heart captured,
I could not distinguish the wood from the trees.

I never considered you could still love your jailer
and pine to be his victim once more.
Feigning dignity till the end, I lied, 'we will always befriends'
and found my Requiem eclipse on the other side of the door.

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  1. Rick is a friend on Facebook, I do so enjoy reading his words he has formed into lovey, beautiful poetry.