Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Am Me by Poet KJ King

I am who I am because I am me,
I can be blind and still see,
I can love with no end, believing constantly,
I can be in distress, and still breathe...
There is no second guessing me,
because I am what you see,
I am the stars, mountains, and the seas,
my earth is filled with blessings and a cool breeze,
this is me, it may not be what you see,
but I see the good in me...
not the boy's in da hood in me,
even though it's there I let it lie beneath me,
I wanna laugh, smile and believe in real things,
I am happy with who I am,
I am happy with where I been,
I am happy with where I am,
I am happy with where I'm going...
Today is a good day for me,
yesterday is behind me,
and tomorrow is not promised,
but this very moment i am accomplished,
I am who I set out to be,
because of that? I had many that doubt me.
I am the father for my kids,
that my father was NOT to me,
it made me strong and wise,
so NO need for pops to apologize to me...,
I am a rock, a tree...
that moms had in plan for me to be...
strong roots, tough boots,
with a passion that don't lose...
this is me, I am me,
I'm not selfish at all, say I am
it's your call,
but the me in me, needs not an excuse,
and the I in me, keeps a close eye on you.
I will enjoy this ride,
because the me in me

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