Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Purple Haze Virtual Book Tour w/ J.A. Adams

JA Adams is author of Chameleon, Unfinished Business, and is excited about the re-release of Purple Haze. In Purple Haze, a car accident ends the lives of a young couple and no one suspects foul play until another body surfaces leading the people of Pineview, TX to believe a killer is in their midst. Twins, Landan and Janda Colquin try to uncover the identity of the killer as a complicated haze settles between life as they envisioned and the one that they now know exists.

Today's virtual book stop you will read an...

Excerpt from PUrple haze
At the party, Eugene felt ill at ease. He knew everyone there but his introverted personality made him blend with the wildflowers of the kitchen wallpaper of which he leaned against. Janda had dragged him into the kitchen with her where she was mixing up another batch of punch. Taking charge of the punch, she wanted to make sure there was not a repeat of the spiked punch incident like the night before at Alison's party. Landan, Benny, Sid and Roland thought it hilarious that they were able to get past Alison's mother and pour a pint of Everclear into the punch.
Nita followed Janda into the kitchen gabbing about how some girl was eyeing Roland and all that she was going to do if the girl did not keep her eyes off her man.
"Nita, why don't you and Eugene get out on the dance floor," Janda suggested.
"And do what?" Nita questioned in a loud whisper.
Eugene, still leaning up against the wall with his arms folded, eyed Nita as he coldly stated, "I do not want to dance."
"See, he don't wanna dance!" Nita reiterated with clipped sharpness in her voice, directing her comment toward Janda.
Grabbing Nita by the arm, Janda pulled her off to the side and out of Eugene's earshot. "What is it going to hurt for you to dance just one dance with Eugene?" she retorted. "Stop being so silly!"
"I do have a date you know!"
"Roland will not care about you dancing just once with Eugene," Janda used that familiar tone that Nita recognized to mean it would be easier to simply agree to go along than get into an argument.
"Okay." Nita surrendered, sashaying over to Eugene. Grabbing him by the hand, she led him into the living room where everyone was dancing.
The DJ phased out Car Wash being song by Rose Royce into Brickhouse by the Commodores.
Nita and Eugene began dancing with the beat moving side to side. Nita took note that Eugene was not too bad of a dancer. She spotted Janda giving her the look of approval. It was at that moment Nita decided to break down into the new dance craze known as The Freak. This of course got the crowd rallied up and they began shouting, "Freak him out Nita!" Nita, taking the bait, began dancing seductively, getting closer and closer to Eugene thrusting her pelvic at his groin. Eugene began to back away, but Nita continued to move toward him, with the crowd cheering her on.
Janda went over to Roland, who was laughing hardily, seemingly enjoying the show. "Do something!" She snapped at him.
"Do what?" Roland asked, gesturing with his hands, laughing even louder.
Janda detected the slight hint of alcohol on his breath. "Roland, you've been drinking!"
"You make me sick!" Janda spat out in disgust walking away from him.
Reaching out, he grabbed her by the arm. Janda gave him that if looks could kill stare, jerking her arm away. The cheering got louder and people were applauding. The song had ended with Nita in the center of the crowd taking bows. Eugene was nowhere to be seen.
Roland, Benny, and Sid, all doubling over laughing, walked up to Nita.
"Hey, Nita, I guess you were too hot for GI Stykes to handle," Sid called out.
"Everything I got is too hot for any of y'all to handle. Including you," she said playfully, pointing at Roland. Then, kissing her index finger, she put it up to his lips.
* * * * *
JA Adams, author of three psychological suspense novels--Chameleon, Purple Haze, and Unfinished Business--uses personal and professional experiences to bring awareness to psychological issues that affect our relationships. 
Adams actively writes and volunteers with numerous organization bringing awareness to teen dating violence and women issues, as well as, advocating against intimate partner and family violence.
Adams resides in Austin, TX with her husband and children nearby. For more information visit www.jaadamsauthor.com.

For more information
Purple Haze is available in print and ebook through most online retailers and your neighborhood book stores. To learn details about locations and online purchases visit www.jaadamsauthor.com.
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  1. Thank you Dana! and Thank you Ms. Adams. We wish you much success on your book. I understand a book in en route, and a review will be posted as soon as it it received and read.

  2. Thank you too. I look forward to the review. JA Adams