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The Revelation Gate Blog Tour w/Brian L. Thompson

About the Author

Brian L. Thompson, Great Nation Publishing’s President/Owner and author of The Lost Testament, is a licensed educator, and former professional journalist.

He showed an early interest in classical literature and the arts, particularly after his poem, “Black Sunday,” received an honorable mention in Gwynedd-Mercy College’s literary contest for high school students in 1993.

A 1994 North Penn High School graduate, he continued his education at Morehouse College in Atlanta. While there, Thompson wrote for the Maroon Tiger newspaper; moving up the ranks from staff writer, to Sports Editor, and finally to Editor-in Chief.
After earning his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English in 1998, he transitioned to a staff writer position at Montgomery Newspapers.

In 2000, his second as a professional journalist, he returned to the field of academics at Temple University, earning a Master’s Degree in secondary education in 2001.

Thompson then turned to education at West Charlotte High and Newton High schools respectively while simultaneously researching and writing his first Christian fiction novel, The Lost Testament – a project self-described as a “faith-based tale with every day characters engaged in a thrilling plot.”

During this time, he also helped edit author Sabra Robinson’s anthology of inspirational stories entitled The Lost Sheep: How I Got (And AM Still Getting) Over the Hump – A Personal Account of God’s Restoration After Doubting His Purpose, the Church, and Human Existence.

He and his family reside in Georgia.

About the Book

After 800 years of oppression, the Uché abandon all hope of liberation – until a boy with unbreakable bones emerges from the wilderness. . .

For centuries, Uché seers foretold the birth of a deliverer called Mkombozi – one fated to enter The Revelation Gate and lead them to freedom.

Knowing this, the king of the barbarous Otī does his best to eliminate the lone threat to his dominion. When his best efforts fail, he allies himself with a self-proclaimed emperor who reveals the true natures of The Revelation Gate and the Uché hero.

Meanwhile, as Mkombozi’s mother wavers between feelings of abandonment and crises of faith, her people ready themselves to wage an unwinnable war – minus faith in their deliverer, whose fate ushers him to an uncertain destination.

Merging elements of political intrigue and social class relations together in an allegorical, character-driven plot, The Revelation Gate confronts issues of doubt, star-crossed love, and the power of the individual.

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Podcast 2 – Excerpt from The Revelation Gate

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Book Review

Date:                      5/10/11                          
Title:                      THE REVELATION GATE                       
Author:                  BRIAN L THOMPSON                   
ISBN 10:       
ISBN 13:                  978-0-615-44374-4  
Pages:                    217              
Publisher:               GREAT NATION PUBLISHING                           
Cover:                   Paperback             
Reviewer:              Tamara Bryant – Literary Wonders!
Rating:                   5 Stars

THE REVELATION GATE by Brian L Thompson is filled with thought provoking issues that gives one an instant comparison to the Christian experience. Although THE REVELATION GATE is a work of fiction, the story is based on the premise of a saviour to the rescue.

Part One gives in-depth descriptions of the creation and lineage of the people, and at times is challenging when trying to follow the blood lines as well as remembering the cast of characters and their names and titles. Understanding the characters is important as this helps develop the storyline in Part Two.

In Part Two, the characters develop distinctive personality traits that enhance the on-gong theme of faith.  The main characters Chimelu and Isoke continually struggle with right and wrong and these struggles add another level to the story.

THE REVELATION GATE is an intriguing take on life in its most primitive state and how the power of believing can soften even the hardest of hearts.

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  1. 5 Stars -- it always humbles me when I get a review, particularly a REALLY good one. Thank you Tamara and Author's Hideaway. May God bless you and continue to prosper you!

  2. Thank you for a choosing Th Author's Hideaway as a stop along your Virtual Book Tour! We wish you much success. What's next for Author Brian L. Thompson?