Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review Wednesday - FireSong by Aaron Lazar

Date:                         5/3/11
Title:                          FireSong
Author:                     Aaron Paul Lazar
ISBN 10:                  
ISBN 13:
ASIN:                         B004VF698W/Kindle Edtion
Pages:                       287
Publisher:                Twilight Times Books
Cover:                       ARC e-book
Reviewer:                Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                      5 Stars

The fifth installment of the Gus LeGArde Mystery series, FireSong by Aaron Paul Lazar, is a great mystery title.   After reading FireSong, I hate that I hadn’t read the first four books in the series: Double Forte’, Updated, Tremolo: Cry of the Loon and Mazurka.    

Set in a small town in the Genesee Valley of New York, Gus and Camille attend a normal Sunday morning at their small church, when a tornado sweeps across the valley. The disastrous twister uncovers secrets of the living and the dead.

Something is going on the valley and it isn’t legal. After a demonstration to prevent development of an old Indian burial ground is launched, things start to happen and someone wants a few of the town’s citizens silenced; permanently.

After reading over historical documents, Gus and Camille find that their home may have been used as a stop along the famous Underground Railroad. Further digging reveals history, secrets and unanswered questions.
I didn’t think I would like this book upon first starting it, but as I got further along, I really enjoyed this title. I only wish that Mr. Lazar could have developed the story of the burial ground, or, perhaps he will in another installment of this mystery series.

This book doesn’t disappoint where action and page turners are concerned. My curiosity will have me reading the first two books in this exciting series.


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