Friday, December 24, 2010

REVIEW: Secret Betrayals by Harriet Wilson

Date:                   12/23/10 
Title:                    Secret Betrayals
Author:                Harriet Wilson
ISBN 10:             PDF version
ISBN 13:             PDF version
Pages:                 178
Publisher:           Createspace
Cover:                 E-book
Reviewer:          Yolanda M, Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders! (
Rating:             2 Stars

Secret Betrayals by Harriett Wilson is the story of three friends, Jasmine, Toya and Chante. All three women have something in common—dysfunctional relationships with men.

Jasmine is seeing Brian off and on, but she is sleeping with Josh. The problem is Josh is her best friend’s husband. Jasmine is positive that she can give Josh what Chante can’t and is sure that she can give him what he needs. In the meanwhile, she finds out if she’s pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father is.

Toya doesn’t’ have a steady man in her life, unless you consider her repeat client, Chris, her steady man. Toya is a highly paid lady of the night. Her clientele include businessmen, married men and senators. Chris has a role play fetish that has Toya doing things she would never utter to another living soul.
Chante is married to Josh, but little does Josh know, Chante is cheating on him with Eric. Eric has no job and lives with his mother. Eric also has at least four baby mamas lurking about and due to Chante’s ignorance; she is very unaware that she is footing Eric’s child support payments. Eric has nothing going for him, unless you count the great sex that he and Chante are having.

This book literally gave me a headache because although it is true, I just found it hard to believe that these three women could be as dumb and ignorant as they were. I shook my head during the entire book and thought to myself, “Women, we’ve got to do better.”

In Secret Betrayals, the lack of editing made it difficult to get into the story at times. I think with some fine tuning this will no doubt be an excellent success for Ms. Wilson.      

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