Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poet and Songwriter Rick Bonner

Enigmatic Spirits (This Uncharted Land)

Enigmatic spirits below pastel skies,
Unwavering pledges from curious eyes.
Sensual fascination that weaves through the sand,
For heart-felt desires in this uncharted land.

These days are strange, you welcomed change,
Breaking the mould to get away.
An intuitive dream down an uncharted stream,
To seek out a better way.

A voice in the wind from the darkest unknown,
Amidst prevalent shadows, no compassion is shown.
Two entities moving without connection,
Basking in the glow of the others reflection.

Enigmatic spirits in a breathless embrace,
Mouths both explore, lips exult in the taste.
Love understands though flames are not fanned,
Avowing promises in this uncharted land.

Leaving is deceiving at the turn of a card,
With each hand we learn around each turn and bend.
Old feeling inside, dealing with pride,
Is a phase that inevitably comes to an end.

Fascination met in a mythical explosion,
A wild thing imprisoned with the hunter as Trojan.
The twilight delights in immediate attraction,
Like a spark to the flame and a spur to action.

Enigmatic spirits cry to the sea,
Loves bond transcends time and destiny.
Twin naked souls upon cold grassy strands,
Compulsive and needy in this uncharted land.

They could not conceive that you would really leave,
For a fleece of uncertainties.
Accused of immaturity as you discarded security,
To a life where there’s no guarantees.

Eyes study eyes fingers cause sighs,
Unspoken words hearts soon enmeshed.
Fulfilling deep needs, feeds the other,
When grey skies turn blue and two become lovers.

Enigmatic spirits twisting, moving,
Intuition finds a mission ripe for the choosing.
For those who seek proof, to see truth at first hand,
Come give your desires in this uncharted land.

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