Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Author Leona LaPerriere

Meet Leona LaPerriere. People are her passion! She loves being with them—talking, laughing, working playing, volunteering, and coaching. Leona’s husband of 37 year, Dan, says that she never met a stranger, and he and their 3 grown children can share many funny stories to prove it!
Her philosophy is: “Have a positive attitude, be open to new ideas, be true to yourself, and be kind to others.”

Leona puts motivating, challenging, and helping people, experience sustainable success at the top of her list of favorite things to do. As a coach to hundreds of “collegepreneurs” and young professionals, Leona practices what she preaches—think “out of the book,” get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to take action with new ideas—and to simply make great things  happen. She loves sharing a well-hidden secret of success—think with the end in mind.

Leona is a gifted and energetic speaker, author, coach and facilitator. She will empower you to be proactive and create your own opportunities to be successful in today’s competitive world.
Hearing Applause is a mandatory successful skill. Leona dares anyone to develop their potential. Do not keep it hidden. She believes that by investing in her book, Hear Applause, you are all . . . about . . . success!

The author will help you improve and add positive impact to your personal and professional lives, one successful step at a time. Leona says, “We are not so much interested in instant gratification as much as sustainable gratification that leads to bold and intentional results. Together we will make notice able differences in your life and the lives of others.” Yes, you will Hear Applause!

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