Monday, December 13, 2010

Meet Author and Minister Russell Blake

My name is Russel Blake.  I'm an Ordained Minister/ Music Producer/Concert Soloist/Educator/Author.  Thus far I've been privileged to have Performed/Toured/Taught in 65 countries.  As a professional Bassist I've had the good fortune to have performed with a wide variety of Artists and situations.  I have performed with Sonny Rollins, Chaka Khan, Mary Mary, Cybil Shepherd, Tramaine Hawkins, Wynton Marsalis, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Paquito D' Rivera, Harry Belafonte, Brenda Russell, The Lion King & DreamGirls on Broadway in NYC, Micah Stampley, Angie Stone, Bryon Cage, Mary Wells, Pharoah Sanders, etc;... As a Concert Soloist and Educator I've been contracted to perform in 8 West African Nations as an Ambassador of Goodwill by the U.S. State Department as well as the State of California Department of Corrections to teach/perform my Music History & Cultural Program to 5000 inmates of Ironwood State Prison. I was also a Kellogg Foundation Artist- In- Residence Recipient to teach/perform said program to the Kalamazoo & Battle Creek Michigan school districts.  I've also taught as a Professor of Electrical Bass Studies at five universities across the country.

My debut book is titled “Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Black Woman Volume 1.”  My book is significantly bonded to my passion for the empowerment, support, success and edification of Women.  Volume 1 is specifically for African, Caribbean and African-American Women.  Black Women represent a distinct and singular barometer of the state of our community. Historically, there acumen of nurturing and insightful acuity of wise understanding has inarguably saved the race. Modern times presents a Black Woman both academically educated and morally edified. Fueling the ranks of successful entrepreneurship, leadership in corporate America and the Presidencies of stabilized African nations.  My book globally speaks to Black men to acknowledge the priceless value/existence of the Black Woman, and to Black Women to assert their inalienable rights in deserving unwavering dignity, love and respect.  My goal is to be an effective catalyst and positive communicator in the way Black Men & Women (especially our youth) perceive the Women of our community.  Mission Statement: “If One Black Woman Is Thought To Be Expendable, Then Every Black Woman’s Immeasurable Value Is Diminished In The Eyes Of The World”.    

Precious Woman of God; The one whose Soul encompasses His fruits of charity, kindness and compassion; I am ever grateful unto the Lord that my presence has found a refuge of abiding solace and loving favor within your Spirit.

Before coming to you, a Man should always seek to place himself in a prayerful state that he may kindly abide within the realm of your Beautiful Soul; God is there providing warmth while a gentle rain is nourishing the fertile flowers of love and compassion that emanate inside of you; In hearing the cadenced tempo of your loving heart, I find myself in a setting of quietude whereupon a Man may viably petition and prayerfully seek unto the Lord to rest his strengthened masculinity;

My Beautiful Virtuous Black Woman; All of the qualities innate to the second human being created on the Earth to be a help meet to the first, are inherently and singularly abiding in you; I stand indebted unto God for His creation of you and as a strong Black Man from Brooklyn will ever stand before you to protect you; Behind you to support you; Beside you to walk together and eternally in stride as God intended. 

I am merely a Traveler; One purposed by God in the short six and a half cycles of my life on this plane to have already experienced several lifetimes;  As for you; I am grateful to know that you have not portioned yourself under no illusions; God has by virtue of His great love for you seen fit to be both incisive and sensitive; Prudent, yet principled; Bountiful, yet keeping your heart unvarnished in the things of this world.

Virtuous Black Woman; I love your love of God; I love your life in God; I am fixed not by what you say but; By what you faith into your life by way of your prayerful obedience and reverence of humility unto Him;

Therefore, let all who seek your hurt incur the taste of ashes and eat the fruit of bitterness as they themselves will dwell in the ditch they dug privily for you; For they know not your God nor His Word which foretells His vengeance; The gates of hell are opened unto them by the promiscuity of there deceit;

My God through the fruits of my salvation in JESUS has faithfully blessed me with you; Your nobility of character, penchant for knowledge and depth of partiality for God’s Word has saved the race; I as all strong Black Men are indebted unto Almighty God for the blessed anointing of you in our lives; 

Through the expanse of time may God let my sojourn continue to be hallowed by your unmistakable presence; I love you and yearn to eternally embrace you; In JESUS Name; Forevermore;

Russel Blake  10-Dec-07

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