Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life is What You Make It Blog Tour

About the Author

Christian author, preacher and motivational speaker Carl Mathis began his work for the ministry in 2005 after a life-altering experience. At that time, the death of Mathis’ wife was the reason behind the dramatic turn of events that soon led him to his life’s purpose and calling.

Dealing with the loss of his wife and raising three children as a single father while struggling to make ends meet, Mathis had to contend with unbearable feelings of hopelessness and despair. It was during those moments that Mathis cried out for a strategy to overcome his situation. This experience soon pushed him to channel is grief and use its transforming power to change his own life and others as well.

Immediately after getting back on track, Mathis was moved to act on his burning desire to encourage and motivate people, especially those who have shared the same fate as him. It was then Mathis saw the need to reach out to the distressed and the depressed.

In 2010, he came out with his debut work entitled Life is What You Make Itseven steps to moving forward, a 104 page inspirational book drawn from his own personal life experiences and challenges. Filled with messages on how to deal with sorrow and ultimately survive the process of moving on, the book provides readers with the much-needed encouragement and motivation in order to strive better.

A man after God’s own heart, Mathis continues his passion today of reaching out to people using his God-given abilities, particularly speaking and writing, and becoming a blessing to others in return.

About the Book

Carl Mathis wasn’t prepared for the devastation the loss of his wife would bring to his life. He soon found himself grieving, struggling to make ends meet, and trying to raise his sons, who were also dealing with personal turmoil from the loss of their mother. After months of waiting for someone to rescue him, Carl had to face the inevitable truth–no one was coming. He realized that if he wanted out of the mess his life was becoming, he was going to have to do it himself.

Join new author Carl Mathis in this motivational story about one man’s struggle to put his life back together. Life Is What You Make It will teach you how to overcome any crippling situation you find yourself in and stimulate personal and spiritual growth by accepting the situation, taking responsibility, conditioning your mind, choosing to make right decisions, building a team, believing, and defining the new normal.

Book Review

Date:            May 16, 2011        

Title:            Life is What You Make It                       
Author:        Carl Mathis            
ISBN 10:                  
ISBN 13:       978-1-61663-465-0                     
Pages:          99      
Publisher:     Tate publishing @ enterprises
Cover:          Paperback   
Reviewer:    Gregory W. Bryant – Literary Wonders!  
Rating:         3 ½ Stars

Author Carl Mathis has written a book of positive thinking and ways to move forward in your life. 

He explains how he moved forward after his wife’s tragic death and the struggles of raising three boys while battling depression. 

He explains how he looked deep within himself with the help of God and positive thinking.  He uses positive thinking and scriptures to solidify his ability to move on with his life.

I was impressed with his philosophy of how to face your situations head on and not let negativity define you.  All in all Mr. Mathis has written an inspiring book and I recommend it to all who need motivation.  Good work Mr. Carl Mathis.

Book Trailer


PODCAST 1 - About Life is What You Make It

PODCAST 2 – Carl talks about what he wants readers to learn from Life is What You Make It

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  1. Thank you much, i appreciate the host, blessings


  2. Thank YOU Carl for stopping by the Author's HIdeaway. Can you tell us what your next writing venture may be if any?

  3. I am currently working on an a titled "INTERCOURSE" I know what you thing, but it's not about sexual intercourse in a bad way, It involve God and the way that He use us for his purpose.

  4. Actually, I didn't think that at all. I was sure it had something to do with spirituality. That sounds great. When do you think you'll release Intercourse?

  5. THANK YOU: I figure in a couple of months because i would like to do some pre promoting. Did you see the cover yet?

  6. No, I haven't seen the cover yet. Can we find it on your site?

  7. Yes if you go to http://www.carlmathis.com you will see it said "COMING SOON" "INTERCOURSE"

  8. Actually, I love the cover and the title and sub-title. Can't wait to read that one.

    How long have you had the desire to write?

  9. Hello Carl, I was the person that reviewed your book. I just wanted to say it is refreshing to see a book more on the positive of dealing with negative situations. I wanted to ask you how are your sons doing?

  10. The desire to write actually came over me when my wife died five years ago, it was not a plan thing ate first. but seems then i am like the little bunny, going and going.

  11. LOL. I understand that greatly. Are you thinking about a short stint in the Lit industry or are you in it for the long haul?

  12. Hey Gregory, my sons are doing good, Two are in college and the last are in his ten year in High School. Thanks for asking

  13. I am in for the long haul as a career, in fact i looking toward putting out at least two titled a year and furthering this craft in a professional way. I know have some work to do but i am determine.

  14. That is very good. Good to hear good news from a trying situation. I truly wish you well in your writing.

  15. Carl that's good to hear. I think public speaking about these issues would help others as well as further your career. Do you already speak publicly or is it something you've thought about?

  16. Thank you Gregory, i prayer for the best for you. blessings. Don't forget to shear the message of "Life is what you make it"

  17. I did a few public speaking but not much, however, i minister/preach at my church fairly regular. but as for as public speaking, it is something i thought about a lot and would like to pursue.

  18. I think you would do great at it!

  19. Thank you for hosting Carl Mathis on The Author's Hideaway today.

  20. I came by a day or so ago and read this and today while visiting another blog i came across Mr. Carl Mathis again. i said to myself, i must of been here already lol, when actually it was here i first read of mr. Mathis. good blog tour.

  21. LOL Sidne...thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well!