Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Summer Literary Showcase - Andrew J. Rainey

Andrew J. Rainey is a book author with his first self-published book called “The Book of Lies, Mistrust, and Mistakes.” In this role, Andrew J. Rainey expresses ideas logically and clearly. Creativity, broad knowledge, perseverance and a high level of autonomy. Prior to starting his writing career, Andrew J. Rainey has spent over 3 years working as a correctional Officer. His book “The Book of Lies, Mistrust, and Mistakes” was published in 2011 and has since entertained thousands of people with street life, envy, revenge, and greed. Andrew J. Rainey second novel is titled “Love From A Basketball Player.” In this novel Andrew talks about falling in love with a pro NBA basketball player and finding out he’s on the DL married and with two kids. It’s a must read second novel from this great new author to hit the scene!

Donte' was working two jobs to keep his rent paid and lights on. While working his part-time job that night at the Mango Paris Lounge Restaurant bar tending a well-known NBA player named Chris Valentino came inside to have a few drinks, which then turned into more than just a few drinks being ordered that night. Donte' and pro NBA basketball star Chris Valentino begun to start relations soon after only a few dates.

Take a journey inside this story to learn more about the rich, and famous celebrity men on the DL. The lies, sex, trials, and tribulations went through during Donte's relationship with a NBA pro-player.

This is a great storyline that you have to read to understand. This story touched on a lot of topics in this literary works. Also this story even gives you a long list of over 47 signs of men on the DL.

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