Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Summer Literary Showcase: Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Jones was born in Greeneville, TN but currently resides in Little Elm, TX with his wife, two daughters, two dogs, and one cat. Benjamin has been writing for close to 15 years while working various 9-5 jobs but, all the while, finding time to keep the writing the main priority and always trying to hone his craft.

Writer of many genres, Ben has covered horror (his H.U.B. vampire series) as well as his critically acclaimed romance novel,
Head Above Water. Be on the lookout for more works from Ben, including his up-coming non-fiction book on Hip-Hop and a new romance novel entitled The Girl In The Red Balloon.

Benjamin is available for convention visits/speaking engagements, print, radio and web interviews as well as guest blog postings

Book Synopsis for Head Above Water

A self described adult fairy tale, Head Above Water is the tale of a man named Darryl and a girl named Leena who both work at the same company but work in two different offices a thousand miles apart.

A chance meeting sparks a fire in the both of them but circumstances prevent them from being together. Through the course of their lives they find it hard to remain apart and, though they are fated to be apart, they remain determined to be together.

Head Above Water asks the question - how much would you sacrifice for love?

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