Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Summer Literary Showcase: Sharisa T. Robertson

Sharisa T. Robertson

As a young child Sharisa T. Robertson favorite pastime was writing and reading. She use to create her own TV series which had over 100 episodes but after hearing stories of the starving writer/artist, she soon gave up on her dreams to be a writer and put her pen down. Now later as an adult Sharisa uses her testimony and journey of overcoming emotional, mental, financial, and sometimes physical abuse as a driving force to help women heal from their past, change their present, while working towards the future. Since beginning her own road to forgiveness after living more than half of her life in anger from having a troublesome relationship with her mother, she begin to take notice of the hurt in other women and how it hindered not only them but anyone and everything around them. Sharisa has shared her testimony, mission and/or delivered a message on several Blog Talk Radio Show and Prayer Lines. In doing so, she was offered to be a participant in book collaboration, Cheers To Your Success: Women On the Rise and Owning Their Destiny. Her chapter is entitled Makeup of a Masterpiece. This opportunity was one of the many things that inspired her to start her own book collaboration (the first installment of the series) A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter's Perspective for women who have or had been negatively impacted due to their strenuous relationship with their mother and are still carrying the burden of hurt, pain, anger, and resentment. The anthology consist of 12 women that are from Detroit, Maryland, New York, Texas, Kentucky, California, and North Carolina. The anticipated release date is September 2012, published through Lilies of the Field Media, LLC. Overjoyed to be reunited with her first love, writing, Sharisa plans to publish more books and hopefully other authors as well.
Cheers to Your Success

Cheers To Your Success: Women On The Rise and Owning Their Destiny Synopsis
Cheers! To Your Success is all about moving your vision forward. The women in this powerful anthology give a vivid introspective look into how they defied the odds to achieve success. They outlined the trials and tribulations that many women face and document their perseverance. If you are ready to rise above all of the challenges and get ready to achieve success without limits, this book will inspire you to keep pushing forward with your vision.

A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter’s Perspective

A Letter to My Mother
A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter's Perspective takes you into the past, present, and future of 12 women who have or had been negatively impacted by their relationship with their mother and is still carrying the burden of hurt, disappointmentA, anger, and resentment throughout their lives. Each woman courageously writes a letter to her mother confronting these issues, reliving those painful memories, asking those questions, telling their pain, digging deep into those layers to finally have that voice that they were never given. This is not a book to bash but to bring attention to an issue, to break generational curses, to start the healing process, and to hopefully restore the mother/daughter relationship because there can be no restoration if first there is no release. Follow these 12 women in different stages of their lives, different ages, some from different states, and different stories but with one thing in common, they all have decided to begin their journey to forgiveness and have allowed you to join this journey, their journey, from their perspective by sharing their letter to their mother. .

Listen to Sharisa's interview with The Author's Hideaway. 

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