Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Summer Literary Showcase: Laquanda Everett

Author Laquanda Everett is a devoted mother of four children. She was born and raised in Bradenton, Florida. Laquanda attended Southeast High School, and went on to pursue a career in nursing. Inspired by the elderly through grandmother and great grandmother. However Laquanda Everett devoted ten years in home health care for the elderly. Laquanda is currently attending the University of Phoenix to earn her bachelors degree in medical administration. Laquanda heard the voice of God calling her to serve again in 2001. This is where she was appointed to serve as a board member and team member of Faith,Action For Strength Together(FAST) organization. The group Fast is a justice ministry that is non denominational organization. The organization comes together to identify and to give 

a solution to community issues. Laquanda decided to move forward to pursue writing career. This was to be her ministry to inspire and light a fire in God people. Her mission is to write novels that ordinary people could relate to. Therefore with hope of the arrival of repentence,healing,transformation, and closer walk with God should come.

Forbidden Love "A Spiritual Woman’s Battle To Love A Worldly Man”

A heated romance from two different worlds. Lala's a church girl raised on strong spiritual values.She find herself falling for the infamous Marcus a.k.a Bo who is a forbidden fruit. Marcus a known dealer battles with choosing God and family over his street life. The two love birds face many trials and tribulations. Love is definitely present, but so is the challenges. The duo are confronted with family drama, babymama drama, lies, deceit, and murder. It's a spiritual warfare going on.

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