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Author Patricia Hall

Patricia Hall has just released her debut book “Ammunition For Gods Soldiers”. She has been writing for about 20 years and is a member of the poetry troop “Imani” and a member of “The Winston-Salem Writers Association.” Patricia can be heard every other Saturday bringing you “Saturday Smooth Jazz” on 90.5 FM WSNC, from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. on the campus of Winston Salem State University. Patricia has a background in television, radio, and sales. Currently Patricia is employed with Wake Forest University in the Police Department.

What genre do you consider yourself? I consider myself in the genre of poetry, and Christian/Christianity

Give us a synopsis of your most recent book.
My book “Ammunition For Gods Soldiers”  is mostly poetry, with a Godly base and message.  It’s written by a woman of God who has stripped herself and stands before you exposed, often saying to herself no Pat, you can’t reveal that.  Oh but I did.  Tackling subjects that you don’t find addressed anywhere all under one cover.  It compels you to contemplate some of the choices you’ve made in your life.
“Ammunition for Gods Soldiers”; strengthens, sympathizes, teaches, and makes you search your own thoughts or choices, and opens up a channel to communicate, or start a relationship with God if you choose to.
“Ammunition for Gods Soldiers” will get under your skin, reach your soul, and wake up issues that have lie dormant, or that have been pushed under the carpet of your mind. It brings to the forefront issues of spirituality and your soul. Where will you spend your eternity?

Titles of all of your books
Besides my book, I also have marketed one of the poems included in the books separately.  It is called “God Housekeeping”.  It is framed and will be displayed in some of the places you will find my book as well as other outlets.

What made you decide to become an author?
It’s not that I decided to become an author, it’s that I couldn’t  not be an author.  This book had to be written.  It was in my soul it is part of me and could be silenced no longer lest I go unfulfilled.  It is my voice, it’s my mark left on this earth.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?
I enjoy seeing people enjoying and being blessed by what I have written.  When I see people crying after reading one of my poems, or hear them express that they felt the same way that I felt, or see how one poem may help someone deal with a situation in their life a little better after embarking on the words in my book it makes me very elated and privileged to be able to share my voice.

Do you read? Do you think it is essential for a writer to read?
Yes, I read. It is very essential for a writer to read. I admit however, that it is very hard to find the time to read with all of the work I am doing to promote my book. But whenever I have a spare moment I have a book in my hand and it is always something to help me along my way on my journey, like “My book is published now what?’, Guerilla Marketing for Authors, Beyond the Bookstores, 1001 Ways to Market your book, etc. Or I’m reading Writers Digest or Poets & Writers.

Traditional publishing or self-publishing? Why?
Definitely self-publishing is the way to go as far as I’m concerned. I am very happy with my decision to self publish. When you take the time to write your book then allow a publishing company to make you wait several years before they publish your book, and that’s after years and years of searching for someone to actually take your project on.  No thank you. I have total control of every aspect of my book and when it becomes the great success that I know it will be it will be because of my efforts.

How are you giving back to the literary community?
I haven’t had much opportunity to give back to the literary community in a big way yet, but I do help anyone who asks me about how to get started or how can they go about getting their book published. I also always encourage people to never give up no matter what. 

What is one tip you would give new authors?
I would say to new authors do something every day to move closer to your goal. Your book will not sell itself. You have to use grass root methods in order to succeed. Network, network, network, and open your mouth to anyone and everyone you come across about your book. No one can sell your book better than you can. Also, improve yourself every day. You should be reading, scanning the internet, or any other way available to educate yourself to the publishing industry.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since becoming an author?
Since becoming an author, I have learned that I need to carry my book with me everywhere I go. It’s embarrassing to tell someone about my book, they are ready to buy it, and I don’t have a copy with me. I have found people to be open and receptive and they are excited to read authors books that they have come in contact with and really appreciate it when you autograph a book for them.

What is the one thing that irks you about the literary industry?
The thing that irks me about the literary industry is that there are many people usually decision makers who are stuck in the past. They have done things a certain way for so long they can’t get away from it and cannot incorporate new ideas or concepts.

Give your ideal writing atmosphere.
I really do not have an ideal writing place. I have to write when it comes to me, and most of the time that is when I’m in the shower, driving, at church, or at work. The lord gives me the idea and I have to scramble for a pen so that I don’t forget it.

Who, What, When and Where is your next event?
I have two events scheduled thus far.  The first if my Book Release/Book Signing June 05, 2010 at Whitespace Art Gallery from 1-3PM, 401 E 4th Street   Suite 202 Winston Salem, NC 27101   the other is a book signing at Barnhill’s  Book Store  June 27, 2010 2-4  p.m.  811 Burke Street,  Winston Salem, NC 27101.

Suggest a preferred literary service.
I suggest my publishing company “Infinity Publishing.” I have studied for years before deciding to go with them. It is important to me to be able to keep all of your rights as an author and to be able to cancel your contract any time you want to. They are a company that cares about your success as an author and do everything they can to help you succeed. They are always on the cutting edge with the latest technology in book publishing.

Suggest an independent bookstore.
I suggest “Barnhill’s Books, Wine, Art, and Gifts.” They are a fairly new bookstore and are definitely friendly to local authors. When you come to their store, you automatically feel welcome. They also feature local wineries and gourmet coffee. It is not a hard process to get your products into their store and they are glad to offer you a book signing/and or reading. On top of that they advertise you’re being there. They advertise on their website and local magazines that have book signings at their stores. What more could you ask for?

What is your view on the new direction of publishing?
The publishing industry is definitely changing. You had better be with a company that is able to adapt to such changes and not have to fold. In the electronic age that we live in today, books are being published in many different ways. E-Books, Audio Books, Blogs, etc. I plan to publish “Ammunition for God’s Soldiers” in other formats. I will have it published in audio book and e-book form.

Give an inspirational quote.
My inspirational quote is one that I wrote. It’s the name of one of the poems in my book. “If it’s to be it’s not up to me.”

Where can readers find your work?
Thus far my work can be found in Barnhill’s Bookstore in Winston Salem, 811 Burke St.  and Body and Soul Cultural Gift Store 545 N. Trade St. Suite 1H Winston-Salem, NC.  You also can go to .

Contact info
My book website is , also for info about me.  

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