Friday, June 11, 2010

Written Magazine's 30 Books in 90 Days Challenge Starts June 27th.

Written's 30 books in 90 days challenge begins next month

Why should the kids have all the fun?
It is that time again! The fourth summer reading challenge sponsored by Written Magazine begins June 27.

For 90 days this summer we are encouraging adults to create a summer reading list and challenge themselves to complete 30 books in 90 days.

Sound crazy?
So is running 26 miles, but people do it and with any other challenge it is not if you finish, its being in the race to begin with.

You won't be by yourself. Our on-line community is full of friendly readers that will give you recommendations and encourage you to read.

Spread the love - start the 30 books in 90 days challenge at your church, office or within your family. Go to and create your own group - The Gipson Family reading group or St Mark's reading circle. You can make the group open to people with like interest or closed for only people that you invite. Any group with 10 or moreare eligible for the prizes offered in the challenge. Don't have a group, join the group 30 books in 90 days. At anytime you can catch people on-line to chat with them about selections or debate the ending of popular novel.

Each group will be supplied a suggested reading list. No pressure to read them just want to give you all the tools you need to enjoy the challenge this summer.

Reading is no longer an isolated process! Join us on-line. The challenge begins June 27.

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