Tuesday, June 8, 2010

REVIEW: The Lighthouse of Hope by Sue Falcone - A Writer That Speaks!

Date:                   May 31, 2010               
Title:                    The Lighthouse of Hope              
Author:                Sue Falcone                
ISBN 10:             1-57921-949-7
ISBN 13:             978-1-57921-949-9
Pages:                367               
Publisher:          Wine Press Publishing          
Cover:                 Paperback                     
Reviewer:          Tamarra Bryant – Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Rating:             5 Stars

Sue Falcone uses her life experiences in her inspiring book, THE LIGHTHOUSE OF HOPE. The finished product challenges the reader by using the word of God, to take a defiant stance against the inability to appreciate each day. She cites examples that have been issues in her daily life and parallels scripture that will inspire one to triumph over the fears that can cripple one and stifle any growth that each of us has within.

As a symbol to emphasize the importance of Jesus Christ as the light, Mrs. Falcone utilizes the lighthouse with each day’s inspiration. By using scripture, she shows that fear can be found in every aspect of life, but with God on our side, and if we truly “let go and let God”, we can overcome that fear and celebrate life instead of the overwhelming burden that can consistently be associated with it.

THE LIGHTHOUSE OF HOPE will inspire, encourage, and uplift you as you read each day’s devotional.

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