Friday, June 18, 2010

REVIEW: Scattered Lies by Madison

Date:                  June 11, 2010              
Title:                   Scattered Lies
Author:              Madison
ISBN 10:            0-9825260-0-8
ISBN 13:            978-0-9825260-0-2
Pages:               260
Publisher:          Influential Writers Publishing
Cover:                Soft Cover
Reviewer:         Adellia Whitson-Stafford– Literary Wonders!                           
Rating:            5 Stars

Gabrielle Brightman is a powerful attorney who has worked hard for everything she has. She has taken on clients that no one else wanted. Her biggest case just happens to be getting her husband Greg out of jail. First, she has to learn the truth about why he is there.

Tony Flowers is a rapper and owner of his own record company - thanks to Greg.  He seems to have it all; money, fans, and a beautiful girlfriend that loves him for who he is and not what he has. He also has a secret that he wants to take to his grave and will do anything to make that happen.

Denise Taylor used to be Greg’s right hand woman.  She was the one that seemed to keep everyone in their place and she knew the crew’s secrets. When Greg went to prison she was forced to go legit and now she wants to live a peaceful life and leaving her street life behind her.  She soon finds out that not everyone wants her to live happily ever after.

Morgan Marciano is the niece of Denise Taylor. She is a beautiful fourteen-year- old girl with a bright future ahead of her. She has a promising future but considered herself “different” because she isn’t into things that other girls her age are. She knows that beauty isn’t everything and wishes that people around her would learn the same thing. Unfortunately, her beauty is everything to others and she may have to pay a heavy price.

I give this book a 5. It is a definite page-turner. My only suggestion for people who haven’t read it is to wait for the next one. If not, you will get to the last page and reach for part two only to find out that there isn’t one! To Madison, please do not keep us waiting too long.

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