Friday, June 11, 2010

Introducing the Book Tree presented by The John T. Wills Chronicles

Press Release

8 AM EST, May 24, 2010
Contact: John T. Wills

Introducing the “John T. Wills Chronicles” 
"The Book Tree Radio Show"

I am proud to announce the launch of a powerful information portal “The John T. Wills Chronicles” designed to be a potent source of empowering knowledge for the enhancement of community and the minds of mankind. I will be using this online information source as the new home for my blog “Thought Provoking Perspectives” to include its use as a vehicle for other contributors who share my passion for the written word. I am also extending an offer to all authors, writers, poets, and progressive thinkers to become a contributor as a way to promoter yourself, your skills, your work, and to benefit others with the enlightenment of your stories.

“The John T. Wills Chronicles” will also introduce an exciting new Blogtalkradio Show called “The Book Tree” hosted by the dynamic SILVER RAE FOX. Silver will be the Literary Ambassador during on-air conversations with authors, poets, and literary minds every Wednesday starting June 2, 2010 at 8:30 - 9:00 PM (est) Silver Rae Fox will also be one of the main voices for The Book Tree Literacy Project designed to promote literacy.

"The Book Tree Internet Radio Show" is intended to showcase authors, writers, wordsmiths, poets and other relevant content to empower the minds of a broad base community who are interested in a variety of genres. The show will serve as inspiration to those individuals who aspire to develop writing skills and have a desire to publish their material. A project soon to follow, "The Book Tree Literacy Project", will focus on the importance of literacy, as well to promote and advocate literacy for children and adults in every community.

These initiatives will be sponsored by “The John T. Wills Chronicles” and the hugely successful BLACK EMPOWERED MEN Radio Show. If interested, please contact John at or Silver at or the BEM at for more information. We invite you to strongly support these literacy eradication initiatives and join this EMPOWERMENT REVOLUTION!!!

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