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Author Nanette M. Buchanan

    I am Nanette M. Buchanan, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and an independent published author.  I am currently employed full time with the New Jersey Department of Corrections as a Sr. Corrections Officer.  I am assigned as an Instructor/Trainer at the Academy for Corrections Officers.  I love writing poetry, children stories and through it a discovered a talent for writing novels.  My writing began while attending Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  My literary path has allowed me to experience the birth of three novels; "Family Secrets, Lies and Alibi's, the sequel "A Different Kind of Love" and recently released "Bruised Love".  I have also published my first volume of poetry "Thoughts" as an e-book.

What genre do you consider yourself?
I don't know that my writing fits into the descriptions given to the currently listed genre'.  I write suspenseful romance, not quite chick lit, but not those that fit into pure romance.  My last book "Bruised Love" is a suspenseful romance/murder mystery.

Give us a synopsis of your most recent book in 3 paragraphs or less.
Bruised Love –“When love leaves a bruise, does it ever heal?”  The answer is show in the lives of the characters introduced in this dramatic novel. Cassandra Smith, who left home for love, finds herself accepting abuse.  She has returned home to find her internal strength.  Mary Smith realizes her love for her daughter, Cassandra, has been smothered by her hatred for Trevor Black, the lover her daughter chose.  She must rekindle their severed relationship before it’s too late.  Lamont Dearling has been warned, “A woman who has been abused, can never understand real love.”, but nothing including Trevor Black will keep him from pursuing his childhood sweetheart, Cassandra Smith.  Trevor Black, the abusive lover and part time father of Cassandra’s four children, has found he is no longer on top of his “game”.  His abusive dealings on the street, other women and now Cassandra has caused problems that bring deadly consequences.

Cassandra Smith, Mary Smith, Trevor Black, Lamont Dearling and the others, take the reader through pages of a riveting story of love, betrayal and murder.

Titles of all of your books.
"Family Secrets, Lies & Alibi's" - "A Different Kind of Love"- "Bruised Love" - "Thoughts"

What made you decide to become an author?
I simply wanted total peace of mind where my thoughts would run free.  I found it putting pen to pad. My pen is motivated by my spirit, my being, who I am.  My pen is motivated by my experiences those I have been forced to accept and those that have evolved into my accomplishments.  My pen is motivated by the touch of others, those who have given me a piece of themselves even when they thought it was just a nod of recognition.  My pen is motivated by a yearning for peace, the desire to fulfill what God has inspired me to do.  My pen is motivated by the decision to share my thoughts, my experiences, my writings, me.....with others.  My pen is who I am for that is why I Pen.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?
It gives me self satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and a why to express what I want conveyed.

If you could meet one author, who would it be?
It was Walter Mosley but I had the honor to meet him last year.....I think I would love to meet Mya Angelou from a poet's prospective but in the world of novel's, wow, I don't think I can narrow the field down there is so much I would like to ask a few of my favorites.....I'd say Valerie Wesley.

How are you giving back to the literary community?
I talk to children about choices and I use poetry as a tool to give them a method of escaping.  Learning to cope with feelings when the life around you is falling apart or is chaotic, writing can be therapeutic. 

Give one tip you would give new authors?
Keep writing, with each line seek the strength in your words and your ability to become better with them.  Research, use your resources, network and never say never.  For although we all can't be the best at one time, there will be a time when you are your best.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned since becoming an author?
Staying focused, I've learn to use my time efficiently, keep my eyes open for the good and the bad.....understand that though life is a competition, only those who practice are the true competitors.  I've extended myself....I understand day by day each one teach one and I live by it......I have learned to accept criticism and be humble enough to thank those who give it.

What is the one thing that irks you about the literary industry?
Those who don't fulfill their titles.  If you are an editor know your craft, if you are a reviewer read the book the story then give the review.....it is not solely based on the grammar, the language or whether it is what you would have said......if you are a reader share where to purchase the book help promote the author, they give you their all and you give it away as we do bootleg CD's.  There is so much to be taught on this path....why not each of us learn a little and share the knowledge.

Who, What, When and Where is your next event?
My next event is in New York - The 3rd Annual I love to read Book Fair - 2010 Black History Month Celebration February 27, 2010 for more information visit www.ipendesigns.net  Book Events Page.

Suggest a preferred literary service.
I self publish so I've had to learn a little of it all.....I do send my books out to be edited, everyone needs a well edited book.

Where can readers find your work? 
My work is available at www.ipendesigns.net www.amazon.com Urban Knowledge Book Stores in Maryland, Rising Sonz Book Store in Willingboro, New Jersey and Rob's Book Store in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Contact info. 

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