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Author Janise N. Smith


Janise N. Smith is a freelance writer, word puzzle designer, novelist and owner of J.N.S. Writing Services, LLC.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in written communications and is a published author of poetry, non-fiction and short fiction.

What genre do you consider yourself?

I have been writing contemporary fiction for many years, which I love, but my first two publications are non-fiction.  I’m proud of the fact that I have the ability to write well in both categories, however I prefer fiction.

Give us a synopsis of your most recent book in 3 paragraphs or less

What Every New Grant Seeker Should Know provides complete insight into grant writing for anyone looking to obtain grant funding for their projects.  The eBook contains pertinent terms and definitions, hyperlinks to funders and other helpful resources, and guidance through the process of writing grant proposals and submission. It gives an understanding of what grant proposal components consist of, what grant funders are looking for when choosing proposals, as well as when and how to hire a grant writer or consultant.  

There are grant opportunities for all types of projects and this is a great resource for artists, non-profits, small business owners, students, educators, individuals, writers and more. The eBook format provides convenient and immediate access to all of the valuable information contained on its pages in a quick and simple download. If grant seekers want to know the truth about grants and what opportunities are available, this is the publication to have.

Titles of all of your books

What Every New Grant Seeker Should Know

The Little Guide to BIG Money:  17 Methods of Non-Profit Fundraising

What made you decide to become an author?

I discovered my passion for writing at eight years old when I wrote my first poem and I’ve been writing ever since.  I went from writing poetry to short stories and music, and then to skits and novels. Becoming an author was a natural occurrence for me.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?

What I enjoy most about being an author is the freedom of creativity and expression that I experience from writing.  I get to create characters and explore their existence as well as provide how-to information in my non-fiction works that help people.

If you could meet one author, who would it be?

I would have loved to have met Bebe Moore Campbell before she passed away in 2006.  I absolutely love her books and admire her writing style.

How are you giving back to the literary community?

I’m in contact with aspiring authors who know how long I’ve been writing and they ask me questions and advice.  I share tips with them on how to hone their craft as well as the ins and outs of the publishing industry that I’ve learned through my journey to publication.

Give one tip you would give new authors?

I would advise new authors to be thinking about the concept for their next book while writing their current project.  

What is the biggest lesson you've learned since becoming an author?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since becoming an author is the importance of sticking to the marketing plan and not allowing myself to get distracted.

What is the one thing that irks you about the literary industry?

The one thing that irks me about the literary industry is how difficult it is for new authors, who have something great and important to say, to get published.

Who, What, When and Where is your next event?
I haven’t scheduled any events at this time.

Suggest a preferred literary service.
I recommend for designing covers for eBooks.  Derek is professional, prompt and does a great job.

Where can readers find your work?

My work can be located at the following:

Contact info 

Janise N. Smith/J.N.S. Writing Services, LLC
P.O. Box 13492
Durham, NC  27709

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