Monday, June 27, 2011

Abstract Questions of Life by greg the poet

I wonder if the purpose of life is fragile like a glass house menagerie.  
If you live in a glass house of dreams, should you throw stones of reality? 
And, would the stones of reality shatter your glass house of dreams?  
Maybe reality will enhance your dreams.  
Would the enhancement of your dreams make life happy?  
Maybe it will magnify your true unhappiness.  
Would chasing your dreams glorify your life?  
Is life measured by the fulfillment of your dreams?  
How should that fulfillment be measured?  
Should it be measured by materialistic things or by being at peace with one self?  
Have we forgotten that life is what we make of it?  
How many times have we mistaken those dreams of being rich as true happiness?  
Love, peace and spirituality are our true measures of happiness.  
So should that not be incorporated in our dreams?  
Or are our dreams truly abstract in a world of no abstract dreams?
--greg the poet

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