Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review Wednesday - Business Ethics for Dummies

Date:                      June 5, 2011
Title:                      Business Ethics for Dummies
Author:                  Norman E. Bowie and Meg Schneider
ISBN 10:                  
ISBN 13:                  978-0-470-60033-7
Pages:                    360
Publisher:               Wiley Publishing
Cover:                    Paperback
Reviewer:              Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                   4 Stars

             Business Ethics for Dummies by Norman E. Bowie and Meg Schneider is one of those books that every business should have in their library. The book contains practical business practices that can be used in small businesses as well as large companies. This book is also user friendly enough for entrepreneurs or those considering starting a business.
            Business Ethics for Dummies explores religion and cultural differences and how they affect business ethics. I found the Ten Ethical Issues That Most Businesses Face and Ten Ways Managers Can Keep Their Business Ethical very useful. This book gives useful tips on conflict resolution.
            This book offers tons of valuable information and solutions on how to maintain a fair playing business field in business. 

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