Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Author Paulette Harper

Paulette is a speaker, workshop facilitator, life coach and ordained minister. She is a native Californian, and was the youngest of eight children.  She is the author of such books as That Was Then, This Is Now which was nominated as a finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie book awards. She is the co-author of two anthologies, Victorious Living for Women and Victorious Living for Moms. 

Besides writing nonfiction, she enjoys sports, playing cards and spoiling her only granddaughter. Paulette is the mother of two daughters. Paulette serves alongside her husband at Word of Faith Worship Center in Bradenton, Florida. 

Completely Whole
In her well-written, resource-filled guide, Harper provides readers with practical and Biblically-based solutions to overcome everyday problems. Completely Whole features prayers, meditations, and powerful scripture passages to allow readers to interact with the text and to apply it to their own lives. Harper uses personal experiences and biblical principles to place readers on a path to be in connection with God. This life-changing book will help readers to transform their spirit, soul, and body through Jesus Christ, so they can live a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment. 
Look for her first Christian Fiction "The Sanctuary" coming in 2012

The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is one of the fastest growing churches in Sacramento, California. Founded by Bishop Cedric and Lacey Jones, it is located in the suburbs of Trinity Lakes. This growing ministry of 350 members seeks to embrace people of all backgrounds with the message of unconditional love and abundant grace.

But how will this mission of love, hope, and grace be received when the message of unconditional love is put to the test? How will this ministry and its pastors move past the pain and hurt caused by those in the church? Will the ministry be prepared for the paradigm shift that is about to hit their congregation? 

Bishop Cedric Marcel Jones, although known to be a charismatic preacher behind the pulpit, has some internal demons that he must conquer if he is to remain the leader at The Sanctuary.The nature of his past just won't seem to disappear, and he soon finds himself repeating the mistakes that he thought he overcame.

And then there is the beautiful and patient pastor's wife? First Lady, Lacey Carmell Jones, has been hiding behind the shadows of her husband, the flamboyant Bishop Cedric Marcel Jones. Not desiring to be in the spotlight, she is comfortable and content supporting her husband as he builds his ministry. 
Lacey was admired by many. She had a thriving ministry, a successful publishing business, and an adorable husband. She had it all. Or so it seemed. While LACEY attempts to keep everything in order, she will soon be faced with turmoil, chaos, and disunity at the place she once considered her safe haven. 
How does Lacey learn to maneuver her way around what is facing her dead on, and find hope, restoration, and joy once again? Will her decision change the course for those who attend The Sanctuary?  Or will she continue to live in the shadows of her deceptive and controlling husband? 

The Sanctuary will make you laugh, cry, and get caught up in the drama-filled lives of the saints in Trinity Lakes.  Watch God take the lives of ordinary people and transform them through their unyielding faith in Him.

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