Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review Wednesday - Secrets Untold by Shelia M.Goss

Date:                June 23, 2011
Title:                The Lip Gloss Chronicles: Vol 4 Secrets Untold
Author:             Shelia M. Goss
ISBN 10:            1601623127
ISBN 13:            978-1601623126
Pages:               288          
Publisher:         Urban Books
Cover:              Electronic ARC
Reviewer:         Yolanda M. Johnson-BryantLiterary Wonders!  
Rating:                4 Stars

Secrets Untold is the 4th volume of Shelia M. Goss’ young adult series, The Lip Gloss Chronicles. Porsha Swint is your average teenager and attends Plano High School in Plano, Texas. Porsha is your ideal teenager. She gets good grades, she is independent and she knows how to put little boys in their places.
In addition to having the best BFFs a girl could ask for, she also has the greatest parents and it doesn’t hurt that her father is Trey Swint, a well-known former sports figure. Porsha’s world comes tumbling down when she over hears her mother and father deep in a private conversation. For Porsha’s entire life, her parents had kept the devastating secret of her paternity.

She soon finds that her real father is a well-known former athlete and the father of her high school nemesis, Jasmine McNeil. Spoiled and snobbish Jasmine doesn’t take the news too well, but then again neither does Porsha.

Secrets Untold is a great tale of issues that children face as they become of age and find their identities. Bestselling author Shelia M. Goss doesn’t disappoint in this young adult title of sibling rivalry and karma. 

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