Friday, June 10, 2011

Fan Page Friday (The African American Literature Book Club) - (The African American Literature Book Club), is the largest and most frequently visited web site dedicated to books by and about people of African Descent. Founded in 1997, by Troy Johnson, is a widely recognized source of author profiles, book recommendations, active discussion boards, writer resources, informative articles, videos, and book reviews.
Black Writers Reunion & Conference - BWRC promotes artistic expression & growth through skill development in the art, craft & business of creative writing in fiction, nonfiction, drama & poetry as well as professional writing. The NEXT BWRC: 2012.
Lutishia Lovely - Living my dream as author of the bestselling "Hallelujah Love" series. Thankful every day...!
Readers With Attitude Bookclub (RWA) - Readers With Attitude (RWA) Bookclub is an award winning bookclub that is passionate about reading and supporting our authors and our book stores. We buy all of our books through an Essence Magazine and NY Times Reporting Bookstore Precious Memories -
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RAWSISTAZ - The Reading and Writing SISTAZ (RAWSISTAZ) Literary Group was founded by Tee C. Royal in September 2000 and focuses on reading, writing, and discussing books primarily by African American Authors.
Readers Against WhiteWashing - Readers Against White Washing was founded as a direct result of the recent whitewashing controversy involving Bloomsbury's Under The Magic Glass. This publisher is not alone. Whitewashing is a prevalent practice in the industry and we have decided to take a stand against it.
She Writes - SHE WRITES is a social network where women writers working in every genre—in every part of the world and of all ages and backgrounds—come together in a space of mutual support. Join us!
The Fine Line Editorial Consultancy - The Fine Line is for new, burgeoning, and established writers. Our aim is to inspire and assist with advice to get you started, lessons, insights into working writers' methods, an editorial service, and The Fine Line Short Story Competition.
Women's fiction - Book Reviews - Behind Women's Fiction - Book Review page

Melissa-A lover of Chick-lit, Women's Fiction and the art of story telling. I'm a wannabe Author I've written one novel so far Megan's Thirty for more details check out my blog listed under websites below.

The Goddess of Blah team started with 2 amazing (so we like to think) women but has expanded to a 4 team effort. 

Most of us met at a book club, discovered our mutual enjoyment in analysing and dissecting books and it sort of expanded on from there. 

The Team:

Liz – A proud feminist, she lists Virginia Woolf as her favourite female author. However, her favourite novel is “Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life”

Jo – favourite female authors are: Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, George Eliot, Bronte (all 3 sisters), Alice Walker, Rosy Thornton, Sarah Duncan, Georgette Heyer, Katie Fford, Erica James and many more!

Rukshana – Currently dating an exquisite tall, dark and handsome Maori (he actually resembles a “hero” from those cheesy romances – lucky girl!!!). She loves books by Sandra Brown (both romance and crime fiction). 

Cleo – mostly reads “high brow” literature, but has ventured into the chick lit genre. 

We review books (currently chick lit). We are not hoping to become authors. We appreciate books - no other agenda. Feel free to promote/ share your work, reviews or blog on our page (or what you're currently reading).

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