Monday, June 13, 2011

Loving Rainy Days by Angel Bearfield

Author Bio: A long time writer of poems and short stories, Angel is a self published author. She holds two degrees and is currently in pursuance of her masters. Angel is a native of New Jersey and loves wielding her characters around the different individuals she meets. She enjoys writing fiction, romance, and erotica and is always in search of that unique innovative plot.

There’s nothing like trusting love to cleanse the soul…and the body.

Rainy has worked hard to build a respectable tutoring business and she would do everything in her power to keep it, and her family’s name, from embarrassment. But when the weather blows a handsome distraction at her, can she let down her guard and learn to trust him, or will she let her insecurities ruin a love that heats her very soul?

Miki is an entertainment lawyer, turned knight in shining armor. But will his heroism be enough to convince his beautiful neighbor to let him protect her forever? There’s no denying the passion that erupts between the two, and Miki is determined to slay all her enemies to share a lifetime beside her.

Loving Rainy Days - (Paper back)

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