Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PFL Publishing: Writing and Editing Services

P.F.L. Publishing (power, faith and love)

The mission of: P.F.L. Publishing Editing, Coaching, and Ghostwriting Services is to provide excellent service to all writers, and to ensure that all are completely satisfied with their written product. P.F.L. specializes in correcting grammatical errors that are often overlooked by writers, including punctuation, spelling, syntax, verb tense, and much more. It also serves to provide guidance to the writer throughout the process of completing and perfecting his or her work.

1.      If you are a potential writer who is looking to make book writing and publishing a career or side job, I want to offer my expertise in helping you develop exceptional writing skills.

2.      My work does not simply focus on correcting grammatical errors of a manuscript; rather, it focuses on perfecting one’s writing craft.

3.      Clients who hire me as a writing coach and editor can receive extensive coaching sessions for the duration of each book project (for fiction and non-fiction books).

Company synopsis  
The purpose of my services is to train writers in the art and craft of writing so that future assistance becomes minimal or unnecessary. In other words, once you have received the teaching needed for doing excellent work, it will become less expensive to have others edit or correct your manuscript

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  1. I wish a lot of aspiring authors would recognize the importance of proper editing. It is difficult o appreciate someone's creativity when you have to sift through pages of poorly constructed sentences and syntax.