Wednesday, June 15, 2011

REVIEW Wednesday - The Choir Director by Carl Weber

Date:                     6/9/11
Title:                     The Choir Director
Author:                 Carl Weber
ISBN 10:                0-7582-3184-9
ISBN 13:                978-0-7582-3184-0
Pages:                   330
Publisher:              Dafina/Kennsignton
Cover:                   Hardcover
Reviewer:              Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant – Literary Wonders!  
Rating:                   5 Stars

           The Choir Director, by bestselling author Carl Weber, is a part of the “Church Series”. First Jamaica Ministries’ choir director has just been outted by his wife, right in the middle of service. Determined to keep his church above water, Bishop T.K. Wilson ventures down south and brings back one of the baddest choir directors in the land. It doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome . . . very handsome. It is believed where there are fine women, men will follow and Aaron Mackie is just what the church needs to get women’s attention.
          Needless to say, just like the old choir director, the new one has skeletons in his closet and has everything to lose if anyone found out, that includes the love of his life. But Aaron isn’t the only one with skeletons in his closet. First Jamaica Ministries has so many skeletons, you’d think it was built on a burial ground. Things get really messy when one of the deacon’s guilty conscious gets the best of him and he commits the one unforgiveable sin.
          I have several books by Carl Weber in my library and shamefully I have to admit that I had not read one. After reading The Choir Director, it’s guaranteed I’ll be reading those other books. I’m not prone to giving out five star ratings but I felt this book was highly deserving of it. I hate to be cliché-ish and say that this book was a page-turner but, this book was a page turner! There was rarely a dull moment in this book. The ending makes this title a standalone story, however, I can see one little skeleton that was not revealed, coming out of the closet and I believe there could be another book in the works.  Awesome story Carl!

You’ve just experienced another Literary Wonders! 5 Star Review – Vid-review to follow!

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