Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review Wednesday - Unauthorized by Shelia M. Goss and John Wooden

Date:               5/10/11
Title:               Unauthorized
Author:            Shelia M. Goss, John Wooden
ISBN 10:           
ISBN 13:
ASIN:               B0052TIAUG
Pages:             Unknown
Publisher:       JBOW Productions
Cover:            Electronic ARC
Reviewer:       Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant Literary Wonders!  
Rating:              4 Stars

Unauthorized, by Authors Shelia M. Goss and John Wooden is great collaborative of romance and crime. Detective Michael Henderson has an unwelcomed friendship with death. It seems to follow him everywhere he goes. After the death of his good friend and colleague Art Jessup, Detective Henderson is in emotional disarray. To add fuel to the fire, Michael’s best friend Shaun has been murdered, raising the body count.
To add insult to injury, the Dallas Police Department has paired Michael with his former lover Dena—a former lover whom he found in a vertical position with his girlfriend. Michael resents Dena but realizes that he has to remain professional in order to bring his friends’ killer to justice.
Michael soon falls in love with a reporter for a local Dallas newspaper who nearly ended his career just a few months earlier. The closer the detective and the reporter get, the higher the body count becomes.
Through their investigation, the Dallas Police Department realizes that there is something foul going on at Metro Medical Hospital. As the department gets closer to the truth and the killer, things get out of hand. After another reporter goes undercover, she realizes that there’s a whole lot of mischief going on at the hospital.
Unauthorized by Bestselling Author Shelia Goss and fiction crime writer, John Wooden is an eventful work of cat and mouse. The authors do a great job in keeping the mystery and intrigue alive from start to finish.
Unauthorized is engaging and a great ‘whodunit’ tale of love, deceit and murder. Ms. Goss and Mr. Wooden gelled their talents well in this must read thriller.

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