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Missy Smith and the Blueberry State of Mind

Blueberry State of Mind. a collection of reflective truths

Missy Smith, A Reflectionist hailed as the voice of now, has finally embraced her soul’s journey as a Reflectionist, the term given to her by her late Grandmother Martha Skinner. Missy known for taking moments staring off into the world she wished she could live peacefully in found this method to be relaxing. Born in Washington D.C. in the 70's, Missy was a happy and energetic child who loved using words in very descriptive manners.

Missy experienced the horrors of sexual abuse at the tender age of six, which threw her into a world of utter turmoil. Unable to cope with being abused by two male uncles, Missy developed an alter personality to help deal with being abused leading to the name Missy Smith. It would be six more exhausting and brutal years before Missy was finally strong enough to say NO more. During those times, Missy used her mind to escape these horrific moments thus leading her to fantasize about places much happier than the one she resided in. Missy was in the fifth grade when her English teacher realized her talents of writing. Encouraged by her way of story telling, he bestowed Missy with her first journal, which she aptly titled "Blueberry State of Mind".

As a teenager, Missy kept adding more and more to her journal. Stories of her abuse, lost and found love, as well as her dysfunctional family life. At 13 Missy became depressed remembering losing her childhood to rape. She started lashing out at anyone who crossed her path. Writing and school became the solace from her shameful world. Writing began to consume Missy as she wrote about everything stemming from her pain. At 16, Missy dropped out of school altogether as her mind started taking a turn for the worse. Running with the wrong crowd brought about destructive behaviors.

Becoming a mother during those turbulent years brought a calming sense to her chaotic soul. Her son, the love of her life was the determining factor that made Missy reevaluate her life. It was then Missy decided with the help and guidance of her mother Thelma to go back to school to acquire her high school diploma. Upon receiving her diploma, Missy took any and every job just to make sure her son wanted for nothing.

Still, the writing she at times began putting on the back burner beckoned her, upon letting friends know how much she enjoyed writing, they encouraged Missy to take a chance and begin the process of publishing her emotional truths. With journals in hand, Missy sought out to make this dream of past her reality now. Since changing her name during her teenage years, Missy decided to stick to writing under that very name Missy Smith that brought comfort to her.

Missy began studying the works of Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Rita Dove, Gwendolyn Brooks and Ai; it was their words that gave Missy the strength too now share hers. Maya and Nikki was the closet to her style of writing and so with pride Missy decided to simply take that leap of faith and begin contacting publishing houses. With no one seemingly interested, Missy decided self-publishing was her best option. Once again, with the support and guidance of her mother, Missy began compiling some of her most heartfelt Reflections that are now in her book Blueberry State of Mind.

A Reflectionist who not only wrote poetry, Missy also lived the very poems gracing her books pages.

With the publishing of her book, Missy now wishes to fulfill other dreams. Dreams of writing a movie based on the very book Blueberry State of Mind. Missy wishes to increase the spotlight on abuse of every form. From sexual to relationship abuse and even family abuse, she wishes to bring awareness to all about this disheartening trend.

One of Missy's favorite poems penned by Ms. Angelou is Phenomenal Woman. Missy also has a few penned by herself that touches her to the core. Her Poem entitled Survivor allowed her to embrace her inner demons and do just that. Survive. Missy also loves her poem entitled Gentle Wings, which is a tribute to her mother. Finally able to speak out on her years of abuse at the hands of uncles and the man she gave her heart too; Missy now has started her journey to healing. Missy's greatest wish is for her words to soothe aching souls while healing wounded hearts. 

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