Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Tour: The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Penn w/Donna L. Peterson

About the Book
Everybody calls Phillip Isaac Penn, Pip. And usually they yell it at the top of their lungs. Sure he might forget to close the classroom mice's cage door, or leave his mother's hair dryer in bathtub (hey, it's unplugged), and he might even make it so that Liar Lizzy gets caught, but that doesn't make him bad. It's just not easy being a kid.

About the Author
Donna Peterson has enjoyed writing stories and poetry since the second grade. She has been published four times in the Idaho Magazine; wrote a weekly humor column, "Kaleidoscope," for the Three Rivers Chronicle; and she continues to write short stories for the children at Park Intermediate School, where she has been employed for the past twelve years. Two years ago, Donna took a children's literature class, which inspired her to finally publish her own stories.

Donna lives in Weiser, Idaho, with her husband, Brad, and her three-legged cat, Sam. Her son, Erik and his lovely wife, Shawna, live in Murray, Utah. Her other son, David, will be attending college in Japan next fall.

Writing has always been Donna's favorite pastime, so having her first children's book published is a dream come true.

Learn more about Pip and Donna by visiting their website at http://www.misadventuresofpip.com/

Book Review
Date:                 5/24/11       
Title:                 The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Penn
Author:             Donna L. Peterson
ISBN 10:               
ISBN 13:            978-1-59955-893-6
Pages:               85 pages
Publisher:          Bonneville Books/Cedar Fort, Inc.
Cover:               Advanced Reader Edition e-book
Reviewer:          Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!  
Rating:               4 Stars

          If it wasn’t for bad luck Phillip Isaac Penn would have none. In the Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Pen by Donna L. Peterson, Phillip, affectionately known as PIP, just can’t seem to catch a break.
     If you he isn’t getting in trouble in school for cheating on tests, he’s getting in trouble at home for putting the hairdryer in the tub. Now PIP really is a great kid, however, mischief and circumstance just happens to meet him at every corner.  
     All is not lost. At the end of each chapter re-evaluates each situation and learns from them. After all, it’s not easy being a kid.
     I enjoyed The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Penn and think children from ages 8-12 will also enjoy it. I’d like to see Donna L. Peterson turn this book into a series of books. I even see this book in schools. Kudos to Ms. Peterson!

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  1. Hello Donna,

    Thanks for stopping by. What a cute book you've written for children. Are there more titles on the horizon?