Friday, December 18, 2009

Authoress Tracie E. Christian

Hello, my name is Tracie E. Christian. I am the author of “The Black College Sabbatical” Urban Fiction Series.  I am a native of Detroit, MI.  I am a former Educator/Event Planner/Program Coordinator with Detroit Public Schools, Girl Scouts of Metro Detroit and UCCA/Detroit Festival of the Arts. My first fiction title, The Black College Sabbatical – FALL QUARTER was released in December, 2007. The second installment to my debut fiction trilogy entitled, The Black College Sabbatical – WINTER QUARTER was released in March, 2009. The final installation to the series, The Black College Sabbatical - SPRING QUARTER is slated for release September, 2010.

As a child I always loved to write stories.  Becoming an author came out of my knack for telling good stories and loving to talk. That’s the type of child I was and that’s the kind of person I am today. I love to tell a good a story and I always have something to talk about.  Once I started seriously reading a wealth of urban fiction, I wanted to seriously step out on faith and try my hand at merging my talents for story-telling and talking with my education in communications and my passion for writing and thus…Tracie E. Christian – Authoress was born. I consider my works to be Urban Fiction

Some of my favorite authors are; Carl Weber, DeWayne Joseph, Donna Hill, Terry McMillan, Zane, Maya Angelou and Alice Walker.

Along with my Literary Partner, Adra Young, we offer a bi-monthly, informal discussion series entitled, COFFEE, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT TALK, for aspiring artist to network and acquire information on all things literary, as well as, artistic.  We invite wide range of local entertainment industry representatives from authors, publishers, journalists, publicists, film makers, singers, actors, promoters to marketing reps and radio personnel to come out and offer opportunities, advice and contacts that can prove to be very helpful toward taking an artists’ venture/product to the next level. 

To new authors, I would say don’t be discouraged by the word NO.  It simply means “not now”, No doesn’t have to mean “never” so don’t let it stop you from doing you. Move slow and strategic in your publishing efforts. Remember your name is on this product and patience will be needed to make it the best it can be.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that PATIENCE is a must in running a business. With that in mind, I have also come to learn the lesson that writing a book is a PASSION, but publishing novels is a business venture and the distinction between the two are very necessary to remain focused and humble.

My next scheduled event :

w/ authors adra young & tracie e. Christian

Sunday, december 13, 2009 (3pm – 6pm)
Biggby Coffee (midtown detroit)
4801 Woodward avenue ste 1618; Detroit, MI 48201

My books, The Black College Sabbatical – FALL & WINTER Quarters can be found at, ,,, &
For booking Tracie E. Christian for seminars, speaking or book signing engagements, send a Letter of Interest to: or call 313-828-8208.

Tracie’s preferred literary service is Vista Print. Vista Print is a very affordable resource for low cost promotional items like business cards, t-shirts w/logo/book cover artwork, posters, post cards.

Tracie, thank you for allowing us to get to know you a little better. We wish you much success! ~~Literary Wonders!


  1. Great work sis. I am so proud at far you have come and far you have brought me.

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