Monday, December 28, 2009

Meet Louisiana Author Vanessa A. Johnson!

 Vanessa A. Johnson, a life-long Louisianan, began writing in 1995 after the untimely deaths of her mother and son in August and September, 1994. She and her husband, Welton reside in Ama, Louisiana with their 10-year old daughter, Alexis. Johnson is retired and currently working on the release of her next book, Sacrifices In The Name of Love (2010) and doing edits on her 3rd book, Tempted by Love.

I began writing as a form of therapy after the sudden loss of my mom and son during a one-month period. Writing is now my escape from the real world where unlike the real world, I have the final say in the “happily ever after” ending (if I so choose :).

Some of my favorite authors are Tina McElroy Ansa, Deatri King Bey, Tina Brooks McKinney, Brenda Jackson, E. Lynn Harris (RIP E Lynn), Eric E. Pete, Yolanda Johnson Bryant, Evelyn Palfrey, Farrah Rochon, Mary Higgins Clark, John A. Wooden, Timothy Stelly, Jackie Young, Peggy Love and Shelia Goss. I have so many that my list can go on forever. There are so many new authors I'm discovering on a regular basis, such as Farrah Rochon.

There were many people who offered a hand in getting my first published in print. I believe in returning the favor. I enjoy helping others just as I was helped.

To new authors, you have to believe in yourself, and never give up although there may be many rejections along the way. Everyone is not going to like what you write. Persistence and perseverance are the key ingredients in the literary world. I guess that's more than one tip, huh :) 

Since I'm in the process of preparing for my book's release sometime in 2010, I don't have anything lined up at the moment. I suppose, this is my first chance at letting everyone know what's coming soon from me.

Since becoming an author, I have learned that everyone is not your friend, although there are some who may want you to believe they are. The publishing world is a business, a tough business and you need thick skin if you want to remain in the business.

My editor is Lynel Johnson Washington and she can be contacted @ (tell her I sent you :) )

I really hate to box myself in one genre because I write non-fiction, fiction and poetry, but if I had to pick genre, I'd venture to say contemporary romance. I'm a sucker for a good romance and you'll see that evidenced in Sacrifices In The Name of Love and Tempted By Love :)

You can find my work at,,, and soon www.redrosepublishing.comI can be reached through my website @ or E-mail @ I'm also available on FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter.

Thank you Vanessa! Literary Wonders! was lucky enough to review Mrs. Johnson’s first title, When Death Comes A Knockin’. We cannot wait to read your romance titles! ~~Literary Wonders!

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