Thursday, December 10, 2009

Original Urban Romance Author Loretta R. Walls

Loretta R. Walls has been writing since the age of thirteen and was inspired after reading Secrets by Danielle Steel.     Throughout her teen years, she completed over a dozen books for personal enjoyment.  Her debut novel, Spices of Life was released in 2005 with Authorhouse.  (
         An innovative thinker, Loretta enjoys taking her audience to places most dream of visiting and all the while, making her readers feel as if they are among it all.  The author enjoys taking risks with her creativity, always striving for a new level of interest with her characters she places in the forefront. 
        In 2006, she also became a top ten finalist in’s “Best New Author Contest”, which featured over a hundred new authors vying for a finalist position. 

Her second novel, Brittany was released in April 2007 with Lulu.  (
        In December 2007, Ms. Walls established Nu Cherte Publishing.  A Fantasy of Love debuted in April 2008 under Nu Cherte, receiving rave reviews. The Office is scheduled to be released Spring 2010.
The author lives in the Richmond, Virginia area with her family. The Princess of Original Urban Romance is like no other when it comes to writing a story. 
I decided to become an author after my mother (who passed away in 2005) read my novel, "Spices of Life" and wrote my very first critique. She told me it was good enough to be submitted to "Oprah's Book Club" and I was 17 at the time. I decided it would be the first novel I would publish since she had read it. 

Some of my favorite authors include: James Patterson, Iris Bolling, Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins, Nikki Turner, Leila Jefferson, Ni'cola and Corey Barnes.
 I give back to the literary community by keeping my availability open to up and coming authors. Many times, new authors feel compelled to contact me and ask questions, where as others may not have the time or may not be willing to share certain information. This is a business where you have to do a lot of research and get your ducks in a row. Please do not expect someone to have all the answers for you; that concept is unrealistic.
 One thing tip I would give to new authors is to research everything you wish to know. Google is a powerful tool. Use it!
 I am being featured as December Author of the Month by Precious Memories. Many thanks to Linda Pate!  I am in the process of lining up events to promote my forthcoming novel, "THE OFFICE" slated to release Spring 2010. 
Since becoming an author I have discovered that I learn more, read more, listen more and be humble no matter what the circumstance.
As a publisher, I suggest the entire package from beginning to end. Have someone experienced go over your work and be open-minded to change. 
My genre is what I call, "Original Urban Romance". It's original in what I bring to the table, urban because of the characters and their backgrounds, no necessarily hood, but sophisticated and romance because there's a lot of love and lust going on! 
My novels can be found online at, or wherever fine books are sold. If it's not in stock, demand that it should be! Distribution is essential to your destiny.
Feel free to reach me at: www.,, or

Thank you Loretta for sharing your work with us. We wish you continued success. ~~Literary Wonders!

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