Thursday, December 3, 2009

Introducing Author, Professor, Radio Host and Business Man John T. Wills

Greetings; I am John T. Wills author of the phenomenal novel “Just a Season”. I hold a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I have been a professor, past officer of several community and college boards, currently a Blogtalkradio host of the powerful new show BlackEmpowerMen (BEM), a businessman, a volunteer and a friend to many. Regardless of the worldly titles given, I prefer to be called a man.
Any accolade’s the author has received is attributed to the teachings and solid foundation provided by a loving grandfather. This great man assertively implanted the concept that knowledge is power, which developed into the understanding that education is the single most important ingredient necessary to neutralize those forces that breed poverty and despair. This philosophy planted the seeds that cultivated a life, which is “Just a Season.”

The novel “Just a Season” was born out of a dreadful horror and from it I sought to achieve a far-reaching noble purpose associated with the book’s success. About seven years ago I lost my only son due to a tragic automobile accident. It was without question the worst thing imaginable for my then wife and I, and most certainly my darkest hour. Adding to the terrible sadness of this situation was that my son’s death occurred on his own son’s first birthday. Elijah, my grandson is now eight years old. 

From this nightmare, I have come to understand that adversity can either destroy or develop you. Now having said that, my salvation was to take this lemon and make lemonade. As a result, I became the vehicle to deliver a luminous story that was written by someone greater than myself. Once finished I heard a voice that said, “There are no words that have not been spoken and no stories that have never been told but there are some that you will never forget. Just a Season is your gift to the world and will stand the test of time.”
In “Just a Season” you are taken on an awe-inspiring journey through the life of a man who must continue to realize his destiny in the midst of adversity. This captivating story told from the perspective of an African American man who bears witness to a life lived over the past fifty years. This fascinating journey begins at Friendly Cemetery with a grief stricken father visiting his beloved son who was tragically killed. Knowing that our lives are marked by mere moments in the annals of time, the character makes an astute observation as he views his son's marker. He sees a beginning date, a dash, and an end date inscribed on the stone, concluding that what remains of an entire life is hidden within this tiny little dash.
So I ask you, if someone were to tell the story concealed within your dash “what would it say?”
The title comes from the religious knowledge that a life is Just a Season and I submit that this is a novel that you will not just read. It is a story that you will live.
I don’t think anyone in particular influenced me as a writer. However, if I had to choose a favorite author it would have to be Mr. Alex Haley because my favorite book is “Roots”. I was profoundly moved by Mr. Haley’s eloquently representation of the most realistic portrayal of the worst chapter in our people’s history. He allows us to see and feel what it was like to experience the worst crime the world has ever known from capture through successive generations of slavery. I have also been a fan of most of his work to include the Autobiography of Malcolm X. The way he tell a story, places you in it giving the reader the feeling that you are living the story. More importantly, his writing style allows you to feel the lives of his characters as you witness their fortitude and courage as they endured their remarkable struggles.
I give back to the literary community though my writings on various networks and blogs. I gladly offer advice to those who have a passion for the written word and story. In addition, I support authors in ways to help them share and promote their work in any way I can.
I would encourage any new author to explore there options for two reasons. The first and most important the author must have a desire to control the rights to their work and understand that publishing is a business. This will allow the author to gain an all encompassing awareness of the publishing business, the satisfaction and rewards of their personal accomplishment. Secondly, the author must be prepared and stand ready to avoid the disappointment of rejection that will come from mainstream publishers who most often are not interested or willing to give a new author a chance to publish.
I would strongly suggest that new authors develop a marketing plan and a budget. This is very important from the business aspect because, like any business, you must advertise and control cost. In other words, reach the most people in the most cost effective way.  Lastly, understand and be prepared for the mountains, milestones, and valleys that will be ahead of you. Then find the strength, fortitude, and courage to persevere and withstand the challenges that you will have to overcome on your route to success.
I am always involved in one thing or another so I would suggest your readers follow my activities and events on Facebook (John T. Wills) and I welcome all followers.
The biggest less that I have learned since becoming an author is that all things are possible if you only believe.
I feel more comfortable with historical narratives or historical fiction that I call “fact-tion”. I know there is no such word as “fact-tion” but I like it. I tend, at least in my mind, to feel comfortable with this form of writing because it allows me to add my personal perspectives.
Just a Season” was written from the heart in an easy-to-read style, leading you through a life rich in lessons and blessings. This novel is guaranteed to hold your attention and provoke your thinking while it touches all of your emotions. “Just a Season” has received “Five Stars”, “Must Read”, and “Outstanding” reviews to date. The story is resonating profoundly within the hearts of readers to which I am humbled by the warm reception it has received. In other words, this novel is getting a lot of LOVE!! It is my wish that each reader take a serious look at their life’s journey and increase the equity within their dash.
Just a Season can be purchased via my webpage where links are available. I also author an insightful blog “Thought Provoking Perspective” that can be found at I would welcome all to become a follower. I am also a contributor to the and

Thank you John for taking the time to allow us to get to know you a little better. We look forward to hearing more about you, reading your book and your blog.

If you would like to contact John, he can be reached at or you can find out more about his work at and

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