Saturday, December 5, 2009

Retired Army Vet and Author Johnny Napier

My name is Johnny Napier. I grew up in South Eastern Kentucky. I enlisted in the United States Army in 1968 and went to Vietnam for a year. When I was honorably discharged from the Army, I went to work in Sidney, Ohio, working in factories and iron foundries.

After I retired from driving a big truck across country, I decided to write my first book about that very subject. I wanted to give young people an idea of what they would be getting themselves into before they decided to jump into the profession. I then started writing more books of fiction. Some of my favorite authors are Steven King, Robin Cook and John Grisham.

I like to write for children of all ages. I wanted the writing to be simple so people could read and understand what they were reading.  I don’t use a lot of big words that people don’t know or understand so anyone can read my work.

I think Authors should write so people can understand what they are reading as they go along. I want my readers to picture in their minds what it is they are reading and what it is I am writing about.

Currently, I don't have any events set up but, my titles Ghost in a Coal Mine (Portal to Hell) and Back to the Old Home Place were released on December 3rd. They can be ordered from

I guess the biggest lesson I have learned since my first book was released is to think about what I'm going to be writing about and take my time.

I guess the genre I would classify myself as would be fiction since I like to write stories of fiction. I can currently be reached by email at

Johnny’s preferred service of choice is Literary Wonders! For more information on Literary Wonders! please go to

We thank you Johnny, for agreeing to be a part of this showcase. Congratulations on your latest releases. ~~Literary Wonders!

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